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Direct Pay Form Instructions

  1. Enter the requested information in the form.

Payee: Type the name of the individual or company to whom payment should be issued.

Address: Provide the address to which payment should be mailed. (For direct deposit, provide the mailing address of the individual or company.)

Description: Provide a characterization of the transaction.

Business purpose: Provide the explanation why the payment is being made and how the payment supports the objectives of the University, college, academic department or administrative office.

Additional information: Answer the questions listed in the additional information section of the form.

Fund/Orgn/Acct/Actv: Enter the valid Fund, Orgn and Acct numbers in the fields provided.  The Actv is optional.

Amount: Enter the amount to be allocated to each Fund/Orgn/Acct/Actv combination.

Financial manager signature: The Direct Pay Form may be printed for physical signature. Financial managers may also provide approval by email or electronic signature. 

  1. Save supporting documentation electronically.

  2. Submit the completed form and supporting documentation by email to

Frequently Misunderstood Points

  • A copy of the direct pay form is not mailed with a check.

  • You should not copy the exact description from the supporting documentation directly to the direct pay form. Instead, provide a description of the goods or services in layman’s terms.

  • The Fund, Orgn and Acct are each comprised of a five-digit number for a total of 15 digits.

  • Only authorized financial managers may approve a direct pay form for payment.

  • Accounts Payable does not call or fax orders to vendors.

  • Departments should make any desired photocopies of forms.