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The University of Southern Indiana utilizes Symplicity Career Services Management software. Students know it as Career Launch. Employers can request an account to post internships and jobs at no charge.

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Full-Time Jobs

When posting a position, keep in mind current students/alumni are seeking professional experiences related to their degree. Career Services and Internships reserves the right to post/not post a position based on current students' and alumni needs. Our more competitive majors such as engineering often have full-time job offers one or more semesters before they graduate. Plan to post your jobs early and attend USI Career Events to reach these students.


Internships can be posted in the same manner as jobs.

Part-Time Jobs

Career Services and Internships coordinates a student employment referral program. We post your part-time or summer vacancies for registered students for your consideration. As always, there is no charge for this service. 

Basis of Compensation

For employers to participate in our job postings or recruiting, they must offer bona fide positions that do not require new hires to pay a fee for training or other job-related expenses. Employers who compensate employees based solely on commission (i.e. without a base salary as well) must clearly disclose this information in the job description. Employers who compensate employees based on partial commissions must disclose accurate estimates of expected earnings in their job descriptions. They must also present an accurate base salary/expected first-year salary at that time.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The University of Southern Indiana makes its services available to employers who do not unlawfully discriminate in the selection of employees on the basis of national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

Internships and cooperative education link the classroom with the workplace to provide an education with career relevance. The program provides students with direct, hands-on training, preparing them to enter the workforce with experience. Hosting a student intern can be a rewarding experience for all parties involved when the program is created and executed well.

  • Internships should be related to a student's degree and flexible with their class schedule. Co-ops can be designed for full-time work with a break in a student's course schedule. Contact USI Career Services for more information. Review our Developing an Internship Program guide for specific details.
  • Employers who hire interns or co-op students reap many benefits including:

    • Opportunity to evaluate a potential employee prior to making a long-term commitment
    • Quality source of motivated workers
    • Enhanced cost-effectiveness of recruitment and training methods to cover fluctuating personnel needs
    • Enhanced relation with colleges and students
    • Benefit from an intern's ingenuity, knowledge of technology, and desire to learn more about real-life work experiences
  • Early Graduates - Many students now enter college as a sophomore with dual credits earned in high school. Because of this, the year to graduate may be shorter than traditional timelines. Employers should keep this in mind and may want to consider freshmen or sophomores for internships that historically went only to upperclassmen.

  • Internship Time Frame - Most internships are for a set period of time and are part-time. Usually one semester or summer. It can be extended or renewed upon agreement of the employer and student. Co-ops are set up differently. Most of them are designed for students to work full-time during a semester and take a break from classes. The next semester the student will not work and will only take classes. Followed by another semester of full-time work and then a final semester of classes before graduating. This format can vary greatly depending on the industry and employer. A majority of the experiences available to students are internships, not co-ops.

  • Guidelines for UNPAID Internships
  • Earn Indiana

International students can offer an amazing array of world knowledge to your organization. These students bring practical experience and diversity, language skills, and many other benefits to your workforce.

You may be unsure about guidelines or liability issues related to the employment of international students in the United States due to federal laws governing non-citizens. The links below addresses concerns employers might have about international students and employment. Getting permission for international students to work in the U.S. is not as difficult as many employers think. USI Career Services and our Center for International Programs are great resources for employers as well.

Seven Reasons Why Employers Should Hire International Students

USI Internship and Career Fair LogoCareer Services and Internships hosts several Career Fairs on campus each year. Employers will need to register through Career Launch powered by Symplicity.

Employers looking for an opportunity to recruit qualified candidates should plan to attend. The fairs provide an opportunity for you to meet and pre-screen candidates for internships/co-ops, full-time positions, and post-baccalaureate education. Likewise, this event gives alumni and students a chance to meet potential employers and discuss career options. 

The USI Internship and Career Fair is held each fall and spring. All majors are invited to this fair. 

The teacher and Education Recruitment Fair is held each spring. All teacher candidates are invited as well as social work and other majors who may wish to work for a school district.

Tables and chairs are provided to registered employers. Bring your recruiting displays and materials. Each registration will be reviewed and if approved you will receive a confirmation email with payment information.

Payment is due upon receipt of registration confirmation. You can pay by credit card or check. Registrations with an outstanding balance 14 business days before the fair cannot be guaranteed. Contact us with any questions.

Cancellation Policy

All Career Fair cancellations must be received in writing, by email.  100% refund 10 or more business days before the fair.  No refund within 10 business days of the fair.

Questions regarding payments and invoicing can be directed to:

Stephanie Fifer
Employer Engagement Coordinator


University of Southern Indiana
Billing Office

Submit payment online AFTER you have registered and received the confirmation email with your invoice attached.

 Pay online with a credit card 

Employer Information Tables -We provide this opportunity for employers to come on campus and meet USI students. They will promote job and internship opportunities within their organizations. 

  • Located in the lobby of a specific college or inside/outside the University Center
  • 10 am - 2 pm
  • Employers may request one per semester
  • Contact us to schedule and give us your first and second date requests so we can check availability
  • Must be scheduled 3-4 weeks in advance
  • No charge

Employer Information Sessions/Open House -Employers use this opportunity to meet potential employees or interns. On-campus information sessions can be group sessions or 1:1 meetings between students and recruiters. These events might also include an employer Open House on or off-campus for specific majors. 

  • Located within a classroom or meeting space
  • Reserved for 1-2 hours between the hours of 9 am - 3 pm
  • You can provide food or drinks for students who attend. However, they must be purchased through our campus supplier. Contact us for details.
  • Employers may request one per school year
  • Must be scheduled 4-5 weeks in advance
  • No charge for the room, but the employer pays for all food or drink provided

Log in to Symplicity (Career Launch) to request an Information Table or Information Session via the EVENTS tab or email us

On-Campus Recruiting -Employers often come on campus to do interviews for internships and jobs. Students will be invited to these events via email based on major and qualifications. 

  • 3-4 weeks in advance - Contact us to check availability for on-campus interview space
  • Employers will post their jobs on Symplicity (Career Launch) to accept applications 3-4 weeks in advance
  • Review applicants
  • 8-10 days before your interview date, notify Career Services which students you wish to interview.
  • 7 days before the interview date, those students will be notified and invited to select an interview time in Symplicity (Career Launch)
  • 2 days before the interview date, you can view the interview schedule by logging into your Symplicity account.
  • On your scheduled interview day, you'll arrive at our office and will have reserved space to conduct your interviews. Our staff will greet students and let you know when they've arrived for each interview. 

Part-Time Job Fair -Each fall, usually the first week of classes, we host this fair to connect students with companies hiring for part-time jobs. Positions must be less than 25 hours per week and flexible to work with a student's class schedule. Students can find more details on Career Launch. Employers can contact us to register.

A USI Career Services objective is to connect students with employers for career and major-related opportunities. We adhere to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Ethical Professional Practice and ask that employers do the same.

Simplicity Job Board

USI uses Simplicity Career Services Management Software. Employers may request an account post to part-time, full-time, or co-op/internship positions in USI Career Launch, our Simplicity CSM system. All USI students and recent alumni can access the jobs and internships in this system.

Want To Help An Eagle Launch Their Career?
USI Career Services and Internships is excited to announce some new initiatives being implemented to create even more ways for employers to connect with University of Southern Indiana students. Like most career services offices, USI Career Services and Internships offer career fairs, information tables and the use of our facilities for on-campus interviewing; however, we are increasing the opportunities for connections. We are eager to hear from you regarding which activities interest you. 

The talent matching platform, AI-Driven, and bias-free. Pymetrics leverages behavioral science and audited AI technology to match people to their best-fit job, bias-free. 

Ascend Indiana
Ascend is a nonprofit that works with the University of Southern Indiana to connect students to early-in-career internships, part-time, and full-time jobs in Indiana. They partner with hundreds of Indiana employers. (employer interest form can be found here)

Please note: USI Career Services reserves the right to block an employer, permanently or temporarily, from engaging in recruitment activity that is deemed unethical or unprofessional.

A well-crafted and comprehensive job description not only attracts suitable candidates by presenting a transparent picture of the job's requirements and benefits but also aligns the hiring process with the company's values and goals. Edit the template below to include information about your company and the internship or job you wish to post. 

Sample Job Description

An offer letter for an internship or job serves as a crucial document that signifies the official beginning of a professional journey, encapsulating the terms, conditions, and expectations of the engagement. Beyond its tangible representation of employment, an offer letter instills a sense of security and commitment for the candidate, outlining compensation details, work responsibilities, benefits, and potential growth opportunities. It establishes a clear understanding between the employer and the individual, ensuring a smooth transition into the new role and fostering a foundation of mutual trust and accountability.

Sample Offer Letter