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Student Conduct Process

The Dean of Students Office receives incident reports from various departments within the University, including but not limited to the Office of Public Safety, Housing and Residence Life, and individual campus community members (i.e., faculty, staff, administrators, students, or parents). Each incident report is reviewed to determine whether or not there is sufficient information to warrant follow-up through the student conduct process.

If enough information exists to send a notice of alleged violation, the student is formally notified in writing through their USI Eagles email account. The notice shall include the following information: the time, date, and place of the conduct meeting/hearing, possible policy violations/charges, the conduct hearing officer’s name and contact information, and where further information concerning the student conduct process may be obtained. Notice of the conduct meeting/hearing will be given to the student a minimum of two (2) business days (excluding school holidays) prior to the conduct meeting/hearing.

Conduct Meetings/Hearings: All possible policy violations/charges are eligible for resolution through a conduct meeting/hearing. These conduct meetings/hearings are held between a Conduct Officer and the student.

Student Conduct Hearing Board: At the discretion of the Dean of Students, the Student Conduct Hearing Board may be an option for a student going through the student conduct process where a suspension or expulsion is a possible sanction.

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