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The University of Southern Indiana’s vision statement is: USI will be a recognized leader in higher education boldly shaping the future and transforming the lives of our students through exceptional learning and intentional innovation.

Its mission statement is: USI is an engaged learning community committed to exceptional education. We exist to provide an educated citizenry that can engage in a civil manner within a community with divergent ideas and cultural differences. We prepare our students to lead and make positive contributions to our state, their communities, and to be lifetime learners in a diverse and global society.

The University of Southern Indiana students are responsible for knowing the information, policies, and procedures outlined in this document. The University of Southern Indiana reserves the right to make changes to this code as necessary and once those changes are posted online, they are in effect. Students are encouraged to check online for updated versions of all policies and procedures.

This Student Rights and Responsibilities was approved on August 14, 2023, by Dean Laurie Berry, and implemented on August 15, 2023.