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An abstract is a brief summary of your project: for Endeavor abstracts, fewer than 350 words. It is used typically for academic presentations to give the reader a synopsis of the research project, and it can also be used to summarize a creativity project. Click here for sample abstracts.

A typical abstract should include an initial statement that tells the reader what problem, task, or goal your project addressed and how it will benefit you, your field of expertise, and the world as a whole.

Creative Projects

If your project is creative, your abstract should state why you wanted to produce your particular piece or work and how it will expand the field in which you are working. It should also include information about the process as well as the end project. In creative works, this discussion might include why you chose to do something a certain way or what kinds of reactions you wanted to illicit from the reader/audience by creating the work a certain way.

Finally, you should include a statement that is an interpretation of your work. You should include a segment of the written piece or work and/or any information as to how your work has been received when presented to the public or to private audiences/readerships.

Scientific, Business, or Academic Area Projects

If your project is a scientific, business, in other academic areas, your abstract should state specifically what problem your project addresses. Next, any type of project should include a background statement--no more than one or two sentences--if it is needed to understand the abstract. After that, you should tell the reader what data, new methodology, or innovative techniques you used to do your project.

Finally you should include a statement that is your interpretation of the data.