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The David L. Rice Merit Scholarship Guidelines

Effective: Beginning with new students enrolled 2021-2022

The David L. Rice Merit scholarship is the primary scholarship offered by the University of Southern Indiana to all eligible applicants residing in Indiana or qualifying counties in Kentucky and Illinois based on academic performance. Qualified applicants automatically receive the Rice Scholarship based upon their USI admission application credentials.

The scholarship award amounts range from $1,000 up to $4,000 annually and can be applied toward any allowable USI billable charge. The Rice scholarship is non-refundable.

Renewal Criteria:

  • All awards equal to or less than $2,999, require a 2.50 cumulative GPA
  • All awards equal to or greater than $3,000, require a 2.75 cumulative GPA
  • Continuous full-time enrollment (fall/spring)
  • Successful completion of 27 credit hours (fall/spring)
  • May be used for 4 consecutive years/8 semesters of enrollment eligibility (or until first bachelor’s degree)

Things to know:

  • Earned hours and cumulative GPA will be evaluated at the conclusion of each spring semester.
  • May be used for the summer if renewal criteria are met in the previous semester. Full-time enrollment is required for summer usage, and it will count as 1 semester.
  • An Academic exception can be requested to the enrollment requirement for program schedule restrictions. A request must be made by the student and documented by the Academic advisor.
  • A Leave of Absence for one semester can be requested by the student due to extenuating circumstances such as an illness, co-op/internship, etc.
  • Students who are enrolled in accelerated programs who initially start in the program during the second part of a term must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours to receive a prorated portion of the scholarship and must maintain full-time enrollment for the remainder of the program.
  • If renewal criteria are not met, summer classes may be taken at USI (at student’s expense) to make up the deficiency. A written appeal will be required to request reinstatement of the scholarship.
  • An appeal may be submitted to request reinstatement of scholarship due to extenuating circumstances if the renewal criteria are not met. A written appeal will be required to request reinstatement of the scholarship.

Appeal Process

Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Student Financial Assistance Appeals Committee at USI. Please request or print an 'Appeal of Financial Aid Ineligibility' form. It can be found under the Forms & Handouts button on the Student Financial Assistance website. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.


All participating students must maintain good standing at USI. Students who are dismissed from the University for any reason, forfeit all entitlement to this scholarship.

Awards are subject to approval based on availability of funding. No cash refunds are made to students from this scholarship.

Students may check their MyUSI account for the most current financial aid information. USI reserves the right to make necessary adjustments. Renewal of this scholarship depends upon future funding. The University reserves the right to change scholarships, policies, and award amounts. The right to correct errors is also reserved.

Questions about the David L. Rice Merit scholarship guidelines?

Contact the Student Financial Assistance office at 812-464-1767 or 800-467-1965; or email Business hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (central time).