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By living on campus, you are always close to academic buildings, Rice Library, the Recreation, Fitness and Wellness Center (RFWC), campus activities, athletic events, campus dining options and the campus shuttle bus. Because things are convenient, you seldom have to search for something to do or help when you need it and you save on gas! On campus housing is affordable, maintenance-free living that is fully furnished and includes utilities. 

First-year students may choose to live in campus apartments or in the residence halls. Students who choose residence hall living may apply to live in one of the various theme living communities. Students in their second, third and fourth years or graduate students may choose to live in one of four apartment areas. USI also offers gender inclusive housing that allows students to live with roommates and suitemates regardless of gender identity.

For 2024-2025 freshman apartment buildings will be Durbin, Goodrich, Hanly, and Ralston which are conveniently located near the Residence Life Community Center. The Community Center includes a laundry facility, community space, computers, ATM, copy machine and convenience store. One of the campus shuttle bus stops is at the Community Center. An additional freshman apartment building will be Jennings located in O'Daniel South. Jennings is located next to a campus shuttle bus stop and across from a laundry facility.


All costs for utilities (electric, Internet-high speed and wireless, water, trash/recycling) are included in student housing rates. The University pays these utilities as a convenience for the student. 

All campus housing facilities have direct Ethernet connections and wireless Internet access. Computers and print stations are located in the residence halls, Housing and Residence Life office and the Community Center. Printing costs .10 cents per page. Students add Flex Money to their Eagle Access Card to pay for printing.

Students must provide their own Ethernet cords for wired Internet access. Students are welcome to use their preferred streaming services and devices to watch favorite shows, movies, etc. Wifi in campus housing is being updated to next generation wireless and will be operational for fall 2022. 

Each room has a telephone jack that is designed for a specific phone type. Residents may not plug in their own phones. Residents who want a landline phone may contact Information Technology (812-465-1080) to request a phone. The phone and local service will be provided at no charge. Long distance service is available by paying additional fees.

All residents are allowed to have cars on campus.

Apartment Residents Parking
USI apartment residents may park in any marked parking space within the apartment area to which they are assigned, except those spaces restricted by signage. Each apartment area will have a colored tag associated with it. All residents must have a tag in order to park legally in these locations. Apartment residents may not park as a non-resident in other apartment areas. 

Residence Hall Parking
Residence hall students may park in designated campus lots, but not in the campus apartment areas. When visiting in the apartment areas they may park only in the non-resident areas. Residence hall students are required to have a parking tag.

Can I drive to the main campus?

During the fall and spring semesters, residents may not park in campus lots between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday when classes are in session. For more information about parking, visit Parking.

Since fall 2022, housing residents have been allowed to park in lots A, B, C, D, E and F on class days.

Is there campus bus service?

Click to learn about the campus bus service.

Are there bike racks in housing?

Bikes are not allowed inside apartments or residence hall suites. They must be kept in a bike rack. There are several located throughout housing. In addition, bikes cannot be kept on apartment balconies or laundry rooms. 

Remember most residents are sharing approximately 700 square feet with three other students. Consider the room size and that space is limited. We encourage students to pack lightly and purchase additional items after you move in.

Find our floor plans here.

All Housing and Residence Life facilities are considered fully furnished. Due to limited space, furniture may not be removed from student apartments or residence hall suites. Students may not bring their own furniture including beds, mattresses, couches, etc. For more information about housing facilities, visit Housing Options.

Are lofts allowed?

Lofts and risers are prohibited in apartments and residence halls.

What is the standard mattress size?

Twin size beds are provided in four-person/two-bedroom apartments and residence hall suites. Each bed comes with a standard size mattress. Full size beds are provided in designated single rooms in the apartments. Students who buy out a bedroom side will have two twin beds. Residents may not bring their own mattresses. There are a limited number of extra-long mattresses for those taller than 6’3”. You may request an extra-long mattress by checking the option on the Housing application. For 2023-24, all requests for extra-long mattresses must be made by August 1, 2023.

Are bed linens provided?

Residents must provide their own linens.

Are blinds or curtains provided?

Blinds are provided for windows in residence hall suites and apartments. Blinds may not be removed. Curtains are allowed if hung using tension rods. In the apartments there must be a one-foot clearance of the air conditioning unit so it can function properly. Window dimensions can vary slightly from building to building so it is recommended you wait until after you move in to measure for curtains.

Are shower curtains and towel racks provided?

Shower hooks are provided. Students will need to bring their own shower liner and curtain. There is a towel rack in each apartment bathroom. Not all residence hall bathrooms have a towel rack.

Laundry facilities in O'Daniel South, residence halls and the Residence Life Community Center use coins or Flex Money on the Eagle Access Card. The laundry rooms in McDonald East are coin operated only. Currently, the cost to wash is $1.50 per load and to dry $1.25. 

Residence Halls
Laundry rooms are located on the second floor of each residence hall. 

O’Daniel South
A laundry room is located directly in the Residence Life Resource Center behind the Office of Religious Life. 

O’Daniel North and McDonald West
A laundry room is located in the Residence Life Community Center. 

McDonald East
A washer and a dryer are located in the stairwell of each building. Residents who wish to use these laundry facilities will have to use quarters to pay for their laundry.