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USI provides a comprehensive range of support services for students. These services promote personal growth, academic achievement and cultural diversity. Dedicated staff prepare students to be knowledgeable, responsible citizens who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, ethical behavior, personal achievement and community involvement. Below are just a few of the campus resources dedicated to promoting a healthy and safe academic environments.

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Campus Resources

Housing and Residence Life staff are an important part of ensuring that campus housing is a positive, academically focused environment for students. Additionally, staff are trained and able to assist you with a wide variety of issues including roommate concerns, where to go for help on campus and where to find campus resources.

The two staff roles that residents will interact with most often are resident assistants and area coordinators. 

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff who live in housing facilities and have primary responsibility of working directly with on campus students.  RAs help facilitate opportunities and activities for residents, and provide assistance and support for personal, facility and other issues related to living on campus. Your RA is your first point of contact with Housing and Residence Life, so get to know this outstanding resource!

Area Coordinators (ACs) are full-time professional staff members that live in a specific area of Housing and Residence Life facilities. ACs serve as supervisors for a staff of RAs, plan and implement programs, manage the area facilities and conduct meetings with students regarding policy violations. AC staff are trained to provide leadership and support during crisis situations. They also maintain high visibility and availability while cultivating a positive and engaging living environment.

To learn about all the staff roles in HRL, visit here.

USI Public Safety maintains 24-hour, seven-day-a-week security coverage of the campus. Security duties include traffic control, security of physical assets, and safety of all employees, students, and guests of the campus. In addition, all security staff are trained in first aid and other emergency procedures.

The office is located in the Public Safety Building. The telephone number is 812-464-1845 for routine business. For emergencies, call extension 7777 (812-492-7777 from your cell phone).

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office collaborates with the University by providing the USI Patrol Unit. Deputies assigned to this unit patrol the USI campus on a full-time basis. This is in addition to the comprehensive coverage provided by USI’s Public Safety officers.

The University Health Center provides medical services and health-related information to students, faculty, and staff. The center is located in the lower level of the Health Professions Center. All students living in University housing are required by University policy to be enrolled in the Office Visit Plan (OVP).  The OVP fee is automatically charged to student accounts for every semester that they are consecutively enrolled at USI.

If students need assistance and do not know where to go, the Dean of Students office will connect them to any campus resources they might need. Through the Campus Action Response and Engagement (CARE) Team, the Dean of Students office ensures that students have the proactive assistance and support they need by assessing, evaluating and responding to reports about students who present in crisis or show concerning behavior in or out of the classroom and who may need support to manage their academic experience at the University. Anyone can fill out a CARE Team report by using the button on the Dean of Students’ website. This department also advises the Student Government Association.

CAPS provides professional counseling and outreach programming to help students develop skills necessary to overcome problems, make effective decisions and develop in ways that allow them to maximize their total educational experience. Staff assist students in making healthy decisions, resolving conflicts, communicating effectively, increasing self-confidence and developing resiliency. All services are confidential and there is no additional charge for students to access the services.

Recreation, Fitness and Wellness (RFW) is a combination of the recreation, fitness, intramural sports, outdoor adventure and student wellness programs. The RFW encourages the lifelong pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle by providing programs designed to promote and meet the physical, social, spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs of students. The RFW enhances student development by providing leadership and employment opportunities.

The Multicultural Center (MCC) was established in 1994 to enhance the personal and academic success of students by preparing them to be responsible citizens in a multicultural society. Opportunities are created to provide cultural interaction between students, the campus and the community at large to provide outreach experiences and to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity. This is done by sponsoring programs, providing services, advising organizations, hosting events and conducting diversity training both on and off campus, as well as assisting in the recruitment of students. The MCC champions collaborative efforts focusing on diversity. 

Housing and Residence Life staff value civility and diversity. We respect and embrace each other's differences and are committed to providing a safe and inclusive living environment. HRL supports residents and staff by working to create a positive residential and academic experience. One way to support residents and staff is to connect them to resources both on and off campus. HRL maintains a list of resources to assist residents with a wide variety of services.