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The Faculty Load & Productivity Report (FLP) represents instructor workload for a specified period and includes all instructional and non-instructional time for that period.

Reporting Definitions

Faculty Reporting Categories

Course Credits: Number of credit hours assigned for each course taught. 

Credit Hours Generated: Total credit hours generated by multiplying course credits by student enrollment.

Enrollment: Number of students enrolled in courses.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE): Number of Reimbursable Hours divided by the number of hours designated to constitute full-time status (12 hours).

Reimbursable Hours: Number of hours paid to faculty for both instructional and non-instructional assignments.

Faculty Designation

Full-time (FT) Employee Teaching Part-Time: Administrators and Support Staff (i.e., Deans, Department Chairs, Advisors, etc.) who are employed full-time at USI and also teach courses on a part-time basis.

Full-time Faculty: Faculty employed on a full-time basis for instruction (including those with non-instructional release time).

Other: courses that generate credit hours for the university but are not taught by university paid instructors, such as Harlaxton, Military Science and Study Abroad.

Part-time Adjunct: adjuncts and retirees who are teaching on a part-time basis.