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The International Food Expo is an opportunity for USI's international students to share the cultural diversity, customs and cuisine of their home country with the USI community and the public. In addition to main dishes and desserts from around the world, entertainment will include dances, musical performances and a fashion show of traditional, cultural attire. 

”Our students are ambassadors of their cultures,” says Director of the Center for International Programs, Dr. Emilija Zlatkovska. “They bring a little of their world here to our campus. And the beauty of it is that we have the domestic students joining with the international students. They learn about the cultures, they learn a little about the foods that are cooked in these different countries. And, it raises awareness that it’s not just Evansville Indiana.”

The Food Expo is held the second week in February in Carter Hall.  Tickets are $10.00 for USI students and $15.00 for non-students.

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