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Currently Accepting Applications

for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Summer I: Apply by 5/1/2023 | Start Class 5/9/2023

Summer II: Apply by 6/19/2023 | Start Class 6/26/2023

Fall I: Apply by 8/14/2023 | Start Class 8/21/2023

Fall II: Apply by 10/16/2023 | Start Class 10/19/2023

Advance Your Career With a Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition, Policy and Culture Degree!

This interdisciplinary, accelerated graduate program is designed to provide professionals in education, government, non-profit organizations and business with knowledge and expertise to thrive in a global market.

Our curriculum combines the theoretical study of second language acquisition and the methodological study of teaching languages to English and non-English speakers with the professional knowledge to shape public policy on multilingualism and multiculturalism. Courses are taught by graduate faculty in World Languages and CulturesPolitical Science and Public Administration, Communications, English and Teacher Education.

The program offers two stacked, optional online certifications in TESOL and Cultural Awareness Training. Internship, study abroad and independent research opportunities are also available.

With online, hybrid, and on-campus accelerated 7 week courses, the MASPC can be completed in one and a half years, which includes summer sessions.  

The MASPC student body is diverse and consists of teachers (current and aspiring), administrators, business owners, recent college graduates, adult learners, professionals in non-profit organizations, university support staff and more! Some MASPC students live in Indiana, while many live in other US states or abroad. 

Recent MASPC graduates have applied their degrees to grow language programs and shape language policies in public schools, teach English abroad, work as cultural awareness consultants, create study abroad programs, and pursue doctorates in Community Leadership, Education, Applied Linguistics and Communication.