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  • German Film Series
    subheading titleSERIES: German Film Festival

    The World Languages and Cultures department presents the German Film Festival (SERIE). Read more...

  • Anthropology at Work
    subheading titleAnthropology field class

  • Grad Colloquium 2019
    subheading titleGraduate Student Colloquium - April 1

    Join us for the first Graduate Student Colloquium celebrating graduate student success! This event is open to the public and undergraduate students are welcome. For more information, visit the Graduate Student Colloquium page.

  • German Students
    subheading titleGerman students on a trip

  • Interdisciplinary Colloquium - Movement
    subheading titleInterdisciplinary Colloquium: Movement(s)

    The 12th Interdisciplinary Colloquium seeks to address the topic of movement(s) from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Read more...

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  • Stages of Utopia, Dystopia, and Myopia
    October 10-12, 2018 • New Harmony, Indiana
    • This conference seeks to attract diverse presentations rooted in the intersection of contemporary drama and common visions--social, economic, political, spiritual, or ecological--for working in unison, even if the cooperative models aspired to by community members prove to be misunderstood or destined for failure. The organizers are particularly interested in encouraging the free exploration of such varied themes as conformity, disagreement, alienation, displacements, migrations, revolt, totalitarianism, and many other approaches related to intentional settings.

  • Ongoing: SERIE German Film Festival

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