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Admitted Student Task List

The Admitted Student Task List provides a comprehensive list of tasks a new student needs to complete prior to beginning classes at USI. We have compiled them in one location to help you keep track.  Use this task list to track your progress through the steps.

Access Task List

You will access your personalized Task List on myUSI. 

    • Go to
    • Log in with your myUSI username and password.
    • Click on the Admitted Student Task List icon under Eagle Apps.

    Completing Tasks

    Tasks will become available between admission and classes starting based upon when those tasks should be completed. You will see a date next to some tasks which indicates when that task will become available to complete. Other tasks may not be able to be completed unless an earlier task is completed.

    Each task list item will provide you instructions on how to complete. If you need help, click on the question mark. It will provide you contact information for the department on campus that can assist with that specific task. 

    It may seem that there are a lot of tasks to complete, but it’s important that you complete each one. The task list is personalized to you, so other students may have a different list.

    Tracking Completion 

    There are three ways completed tasks are tracked: