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Contact USI

In order to receive your USI Eagle Access Card, you need to take a photo for your card. You can either send this photo in to USI using a personalized link sent to your USI email, or you can take your picture at orientation. Note that if you have your picture taken at Screaming Eagles Orientation, your USI ID may not be ready for pick-up by the end of the day.

Before sending in your photo, you need to familiarize yourself with the photo requirements.

  • 1. Crop the picture slightly above your head to the middle of your chest.
  • 2. Use a plain, light-colored background.
  • 3. Use a color photo.
  • 4. Face toward and look directly at the camera.
  • 5. DO NOT wear sunglasses or a hat.
  • 6. DO NOT close your eyes.
  • 7. DO NOT face sideways or backwards.
  • 8. DO NOT use any busy or decorative background such as a brick wall or wallpaper.
  • 9. Smile if you would like!

You can submit your photo using the personalized link sent to your USI email account.

The Eagle Access Card Office can help with any questions you may have. They are open 8:30-3:00 Monday through Friday during the school year and 8:30-12:00 Monday through Friday during the summer. You can also email them at or call at (812) 464-1859.