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Since its beginning in 1965, USI has served regional businesses and organizations by developing partnerships that result in increased productivity and an improved bottom line.

Benefits  of  working  with  Corporate  Partnerships  and  Customized  Training  professionals:


  • We develop site-specific and job-specific professional and workforce training to assist you in meeting your core goals of productivity, profit, employee retention, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and more.
  • We bring expertise and resources from USI to your site, our campus, or your location of choice to meet your exclusive needs.
  • We offer professional coaching services for specific employee needs within your organization at any level to meet your particular concerns.
  • We offer customized team retreat planning services to save you time.
  • Our solutions go beyond traditional training and consulting and can include helping you build partnerships with other businesses among similar or vastly different industries to achieve common objectives.

Need  help  to  figure  out  where  to  start?


Our skilled professionals in Corporate Partnerships and Customized Training with USI Outreach and Engagement will meet with you to discuss your needs and identify the best resources to meet those needs, whether from USI, across the region, or the country. We’ll ask you to specify current skill-gap needs you’d like addressed in a training program, coaching session, or a team retreat.  Our professional subject matter experts will work with you to ensure a clear understanding of those needs and recommend how best to sustain the training or coaching once completed.

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      Paula Nurrenbern                                                      Office 812-461-5425
      Director of Corporate Partnerships                      Cell 812-455-3629
      and Customized Training  

      8600 University Boulevard 
      Evansville, Indiana 47712                                    

       Lesley Groves                                                            Office 812-464-1854
       Asst. Director of Corporate Partnerships        Cell: 812-319-9797  
       and Customized Training  

       8600 University Boulevard 
       Evansville, Indiana 47712