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Curricular program is defined as the specific course requirements for any major, minor, or certificate program to be applied toward some degree or certificate granting program offered by the University.

Changes in the total number of credit hours required to complete a degree program, or in the number of credit hours required to complete a particular major or minor, changes in the title of the degree or certificate, and additions and deletions of any specific courses will be interpreted as modifications of a curricular program.

Changing the timing of specified courses from fall to spring semester or sophomore to junior year) is not considered a modification requiring approval.

All petitions for new courses and/or curricular programs must be submitted to the Provost's Office according to the following timeline:

    • October 1st for curricular changes to be effective in the fall term of the following year.

    • Friday preceding spring break for courses to be offered during the spring and/or summer term of the following year.  

  • Curriculum changes will be effective one year following the term and year approved.

  • Program changes are effective on August 15 each year.
  • All lab/class fee changes for credit courses must be approved by the Provost before being forwarded to the Bursar's Office. Any fee requests over $35 must be approved by the USI Board of Trustees BEFORE being implemented.