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Transportation Fee

All USI students are assessed a Transportation/Parking Fee that funds the upkeep of campus roadways, parking lots, pedestrian sidewalks and paths, and the on-campus shuttle bus service. Campus resident parking permit cost is included in this fee; there is no additional charge for resident parking permit decals, unless multiple replacement permits are issued:

Parking Permit/Decal Fees

  • Initial issue: No charge
  • First replacement: No charge
  • Second and subsequent replacement: $10.00
  • Replacement due to confiscation for fraud/deception: $10.00

All fines for traffic and/or parking citation fines and towing fees for violation of the USI Traffic and Parking Regulations are the responsibility of the offending driver. If the driver cannot be identified through normal University methods, the registered owner of the vehicle will be responsible for any fines/fees accrued by the operation of their vehicle on USI property.

Citation Fines

Fines for violations of the University Traffic and Parking Regulations will be added to the offending student's/employee's account. It may take 10-14 days for a citation fine to be processed and appear on the account. All fines are payable at the Cashier's Office in the basement of the Orr Center. USI Parking does not accept any payments for fines or fees. Appeal Information

  • Illegally parking in an ADA Accessible space: $50.00 (May be towed and assessed a towing fee).
  • Speeding (in excess of posted 15mph): $50.00
  • Reckless Driving: $50.00
  • Disregarding a Stop Sign: $50.00
  • All other Moving Violations (crossing the center line, failure to yield right of way, etc.): $50.00
  • Parking and Other violations:
    • First offense: $10.00
    • Second and subsequent offenses: $40.00
  • Wheel Lock/Boot Removal Fee: $40.00

Towing Fees

USI Public Safety/Parking utilizes Hamrick's Towing & Recovery service for towing services related to violations of the University Traffic and Parking Regulations. Vehicles removed from USI property are stored at the Hamrick's impound yard at 1277 Maxwell Ave, Evansville, IN 47711-4141. All fees related to tows are paid directly to Hamrick's. The current fees are as follows:

  • Tow: $85.00
  • Storage: $25.00/day
  • Administrative Fee: $25.00
  • Release of vehicle prior to impound (paid to tow-truck driver)*:
    • If vehicle is hooked-up/loaded: $85.00
    • Vehicle has not been hooked-up/loaded: $42.50

*Repeated towable violations will result in the offending vehicle being towed from USI property and impounded, regardless of the driver/owner being present.