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Students, Faculty and Staff Vehicle Registration

Students and Employees should register their vehicle if they intend to park on campus. This will help us quickly locate you if there is an issue. Students living on campus must register their vehicle and obtain a permit decal and place it on the lower left side of the vehicle rear window. Permit packet instructions are below.

By clicking the link below, you agree that:

  1. I am the primary driver for the vehicle I am registering and have a valid driver's license, license plate and proof of insurance for the vehicle.
  2. I have read, understand and will abide by all University of Southern Indiana Traffic and Parking Regulations.
  3. All information provided on the Vehicle Registration form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Intentionally providing misleading and/or false information on the vehicle registration form is a violation of University policy and may result in sanctions up to and including the revocation of the privileges to operate and park a vehicle on USI property.

Online Registration

Housing and Residence Life Permits

Fall/Spring 2023/2024 permits for Housing and Residence Life residents will be available for pick-up at the HRL check-in locations, beginning August 11, 2023. 

After August 21, 2023, parking permit packets may be picked up at the Parking office or - after hours - at the Public Safety Dispatch window. Permit packets are available 24/7. 

The Local Address field must include the room assignment or on-campus address for HRL residents (Example: 8112A O'Daniel Ln - Jennings Building or 1600 Rankin Ln - Newman Hall room 102, see HRL for locating your address) or the Evansville-area address for commuter students, faculty, and staff. All applicable fields must be completed for the registration to be processed.

NOTE: When you complete the online registration form, you should receive a generic submission confirmation. If you do not, we did not receive your registration. When we receive and process your registration prior to and during HRL check-in/move-in, you will receive a second confirmation email from Parking stating that your registration has been received.