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Undergraduate Class Load

An undergraduate student is considered full time if enrolled for 12 or more hours of coursework each semester, or enrolled in 12 or more hours throughout the entire summer.

The typical undergraduate class load is 15 or 16 hours per semester. In a single summer session, the typical load should generally not exceed 7 credit hours. An average of 30 credit hours earned each academic year will allow a student to meet the University's minimum requirements of 120 credit hours for graduation at the end of four years or eight semesters.

The maximum number of hours in which an undergraduate student may enroll without permission is 18 hours during a fall or spring semester, or 7 hours in any summer session.

Graduate Class Load

A full-time class load for graduate students is 6 hours of graduate coursework. A half-time load is 3 to fewer than 6 hours of graduate courses. A part-time load is fewer than 3 hours of graduate courses.

The maximum number of hours in which a graduate student may enroll without permission is 19 hours during a fall or spring semester, or 12 hours in a single summer session. For graduate students who also enroll in undergraduate coursework in the same term, the maximum course load applies to any combination of graduate and undergraduate courses.

When exceptional situations prevail, a student may request permission to enroll for additional hours. Such permission must have the approval of the advisor, the program director, and the director of Graduate Studies.

Student Overload

Students who for any reason find it desirable to carry more than the maximum course load listed above may request this privilege through their academic advisor (program director for graduate students). Note that a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above is recommended before an undergraduate student attempts an overload.

Process: The student should initiate a request for an overload by contacting their academic advisor (or graduate program director).  If an overload is approved, the advisor/graduate program director must contact the Registrar's Office via email to authorize the overload. The email must include the student's name and student ID number, the term (or summer session) for which the overload is being requested, and a specific maximum number of credit hours the student will be allowed to take that term.