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Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior

A student is usually identified as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. Such a classification is applicable to the four years of full-time college attendance. However, an increase in hours earned during one or more semesters or enrollment in summer sessions may result in an accelerated program. Conversely, a smaller than normal class load may result in a prolonged program. Thus, it is more accurate to designate class standing in accordance with semester hours earned.

The following schedule of hours earned is used to establish class standing:

      0 - 14 hours       First Semester Freshman
    15 - 29 hours       Second Semester Freshman

    30 - 44 hours       First Semester Sophomore
    45 - 59 hours       Second Semester Sophomore

    60 - 74 hours       First Semester Junior
    75 - 89 hours       Second Semester Junior

    90 - 104 hours     First Semester Senior
    105+ hours          Second Semester Senior

This schedule has no necessary relationship to the cumulative hours and required grade point average necessary for continuing enrollment.