University of Southern Indiana

Course Repeat Policy

Any undergraduate course taken at the University may be repeated for possible grade point average (GPA) improvement. Unless the course description in the USI Bulletin indicates a course may be taken more than once for credit (up to a specified maximum), only a single occurrence of a course can apply toward University requirements. A course that has been repeated (and the grade received) will remain on the academic transcript but will not be used for GPA computation.

If a course was first taken prior to the 1998 fall semester, the student must submit a Course Repeat form to the Registrar's Office to initiate the course repeat policy. If first taken in 1998 fall or later, the policy will automatically be initiated; the student does not need to submit any paperwork.

Effective fall 2006: if a course is retaken, the grade earned for the last occurrence will become the grade for the course (even if it is lower than the previous grade) and be used for GPA computation.

Students will be prevented from enrolling in a course for a third (or subsequent) time unless re-enrollment is approved by the college of the student’s major. If approved, the student's advisor will need to contact the department of the course to request the necessary override.

If you have questions about how the course repeat policy may affect you, contact the Registrar's Office; 812-464-1761 or 800-467-1965.

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