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How the GPA is calculated

The grade point average is a numerical value which is obtained by dividing the number of quality grade points earned by the number of quality hours attempted. This average, often called the index, is computed at the end of each term, both for the term and on a cumulative basis. The grade of A represents four points for each hour of credit; B+ three and one-half points; B three points; C+ two and one-half points; C two points; D+ one and one-half points; and D one point. No points are recorded for an F, although the hours attempted are included in the computations. No points are recorded for a P or NP, DP, DNP, S, U, IN, or W, and the hours attempted are not included in the computations.

Suppose that a student has earned the following grades:

6 hours of A (6 hrs x 4 points/hr = 24 points)

3 hours of B+ (3 hrs x 3.5 points/hr = 10.5 points)

3 hours of C+ (3 hrs x 2.5 points/hr = 7.5 points)

3 hours of C (3 hrs x 2 points/hr = 6.0 points)

Then the semester average would be 3.2, which is the quotient obtained by dividing forty-eight (48) (the number of quality points) by fifteen (15) (the number of quality hours attempted).

Transfer courses accepted for credit are included in earned hours but are excluded from GPA hours, Quality Points, and GPA

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.