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Students are notified each fall/spring semester of any full-term class for which the instructor reports a grade after the sixth week. Students can also log in to myUSI to view any mid-term grades.

Students will be notified by email from the Registrar's Office if any midterm grade is reported by an instructor. Midterm grades of A, B+, B, C+, C, P, S, or DP are informational;  

If the student is earning a D, F, NP, or DNP at mid-term, he/she will be notified by letter and email. This notice encourages the student to consult with the instructor(s) to determine whether the student should drop the course, seek tutoring, or pursue other means available to rectify the situation.

Early Alert and Progress Report grades are located through the Midterm Grades link; Final grades entered at the end of the semester are accessed by clicking on the Final Grades link.