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What is Medical Amnesty?

Medical amnesty refers to a policy or legal principle that provides protection and immunity to individuals seeking medical assistance for themselves or others in cases of drug overdose, alcohol poisoning, or other medical emergencies related to substance use. The aim of medical amnesty is to encourage individuals to seek timely medical attention without the fear of legal repercussions, allowing for swift and potentially life-saving interventions. This approach recognizes the importance of prioritizing health and safety over punitive measures, fostering an environment where individuals are more likely to make responsible decisions when faced with potentially dangerous situations involving substance misuse.

What to do

If a friend is experiencing a medical emergency from drinking too much, consuming a drug, or any other reason, you should call for help.  On campus, call Public Safety and off campus, call 9-1-1.

Stay with your friend and answer any questions that the responders have. By doing so, you are being a good friend, a good member of the University community, and may have some protections from University and legal penalties.

While this video is from Purdue, the information about the Medical Amnesty policy is the same as here at USI.

This policy is outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities: Code of Student Behavior.