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Pre-Screagle Summer Institute

The Pre-Screagle Summer Institute (PSSI) offers academic, social/emotional, and professional development programming to provide incoming students support and services to aid in their transition to college. During the 7-week program students will participate in college level courses that focus on math, reading and writing skills, and foundational knowledge to navigate the college process. The Pre-Screagle Summer Institute program was designed to provide students with an intense schedule beginning as early as 8 a.m. and ending as late as 8 p.m. This type of scheduling allows the program to teach time management, stress management, study skills, among other essential skills needed to navigate the college process.

Program Goals

· Support the transition from high school to college

· Develop/Strengthen academic, social, and professional skills

· Demonstrate improvement in math, reading, and writing skills

· Understand academic policies, degree requirements, financial aid and college navigation process

· Identify key campus resources for student success

· Develop a sense of belonging

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