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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we get Pathways to visit our school? 

Pathways visits different middle and high schools each semester in Indiana. However, we encourage you to forward information about Pathways to your school superintendent, principal, and other community leaders, and contact us by emailing or calling 812-464-1919. 


Do I need to be admitted to USI to participate in the PSSI? 

Yes, students must be admitted to the university in order to be eligible to participate in the program. 


Is there an age requirement to participate in the PSSI? 

You need to be at least 18 years or above and/or hold a high school diploma. Special situations can be addressed. 


What is the duration of the PSSI? 

The Pre-Screagle Summer Institute is a 7-week program. PSSI 2024 goes from June 21st to August 9th. 


What is the cost of the PSSI? 

The Pre-Screagle Summer Institute does not have a cost, it is fully funded by the university. It covers housing, meals, college credits, and field trips.  


What are the courses offered during the PSSI? 

Courses offered in Pre-Screagle Summer Program include English 105, Math 081 or 114, and GENS 199. 


Do students have to pay for the summer courses during the PSSI? 

All credits taken during the Pre-Screagle Summer Institute are paid for by Pathways. 


Where do students live during the PSSI? 

Our students stay in USI campus housing. USI's modern student housing is comfortable, convenient and loaded with benefits and amenities. By living on campus, students are always close to academic buildings, Rice Library, the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center, campus activities and events, campus dining options and the USI shuttle bus. 


What should I bring with me for housing? 

You can find a list of suggested items to bring to campus online. For more information, see USI Housing and Residence Life why live on campus. 


Can my friend and I be roommates? 

Yes. After students are admitted to the program, they can request a roommate preference by emailing 


Can I bring alcohol to campus? 

Students (and faculty/staff) may not have alcohol in their possession on campus, including in Housing & Residence Life. You may not consume alcohol on campus. If you cause a disturbance or cause damage to property while under the influence on campus, you will be in violation of campus policy. 


Am I required to participate in all the activities? 

Yes, students are expected to actively participate in their courses, leadership activities, community service volunteering, visits to local businesses, field trips, and other related events. 


What occurs following the conclusion of the Pre-Screagle Summer program? 

Upon completion of the Pre-Screagle Summer program, participating students will continue to benefit from ongoing mentorship and tutoring throughout the semester until their graduation, facilitating their academic success. Furthermore, they will actively participate in structured activities designed to further develop their skills. 


Can I drive? 

All residents can have cars on campus. Find more information on the Transportation page. 


Where do students come from? 

Students in the program come from all over Indiana.

Can I request a roommate? 

Yes, all students will be able to request a roommate and even change their room if they need to. 


Are there food options available that meet certain diets? 

Yes, while signing up for our programs we ask that you indicate any dietary restrictions. Most of our food options are provided by Sodexo and are healthy for your students. 


Where will my student stay for the overnight programs? 

Students and the Graduate Assistants will live in Ruston Hall during their stay at USI. 


Will the classes taken during the Pre-Screagle Summer Institute transfer over? 

Yes. Your students will have a head start in their Core 39 classes for graduation and can carry over their credits to their degrees. 


Are there any fees for these programs? 

Everything is completely free and paid for through Pathways. 


Will my students have time to do their schoolwork while at the program? 

Yes. We allow students to do homework before and after the many activities that they will be a part of for the day. 


Will my student be safe? 

Public Safety will be monitoring the campus the whole time that the students are here. If there is an emergency, they will be given the Public Safety number at 812-464-1845. 


Will my student be able to connect with people related to their desired major? 

Yes, students are introduced to faculty and current students related to their major of interest.  We will show them the resources that they will need and how to get a hold of staff if they have more questions regarding their major. 


What should I bring for these programs? 

We will provide an agenda with a list of things that it is recommended to bring to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. 


Are there any scholarships offered through this program? 

No, but we will connect the students with resources that will help them to apply for scholarships to get the financial help that they need. 

For any further questions that are not listed. Please contact or