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When looking to take advantage of military tuition assistance, the first step is always to connect with your education service officer (ESO) from your branch of service and get approval from your command. They will have updated information on the process for your specific branch of service.

United States Marines must apply for Marine Corps Tuition Assistance (TA) through WebTA (login required).
Only courses with the same start and end dates can be on the same application. Courses with different start/end dates require multiple applications to be submitted.

What are the procedures to use TA?

  1. Contact your Marine Corps Voluntary Education Center to receive educational counseling either in person or by phone. With your academic advisor, determine which courses will be requested for TA funding.
  2. To apply for Tuition Assistance electronically from any computer, complete a TA Application in WebTA listing course(s). Check with your institution to make sure the tuition amounts you listed are correct. Fees cannot be paid using TA funds.

  3. Start your application 60 days in advance of the term start date. You can submit your TA even before finishing your enrollment in the course at your school.

Every TA application MUST be Command Approved prior to being forwarded to the Voluntary Education Center for final approval.

What are the requirements for Command Approval?

Answers to each of these questions must be YES:

  1. Will the Marine serve on active duty through the last day of the course?
  2. Has the Marine passed the most recent Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) or received a waiver.
  3. If applicable, has the Marine been recommended for promotion?
  4. Has the Marine completed the MCI Personal Financial Management Course (Course ID 3420G)?
  5. If the Marine is enlisted, does the Marine have an EAS date at least 60 days beyond the completion date of the requested class?
  6. If the Marine is a Reserve component officer on active duty orders, does the Marine have an EAS date at least two years beyond the completion date of the requested class?

Answers to these must be NO:

  1. Has the Marine received a NJP within 6 months?
  2. Is the Marine pending administrative separation?
  3. Is the Marine assigned to MOS school or residential or non-residential PME (e.g., Staff College, Corporal’s Course, Sergeants Course, or Career Course)?

If I meet the requirements does that mean my application is approved?

Command approval is not automatic.  Please contact your command approver for status prior to the start of the class.  The application must be approved prior to the start date of the class.

Following command approval, you will receive an email notification that your application has been sent to a Marine Corps Voluntary Education Center for final review and authorization.

Once the TA application is funded, the Marine will receive an email notification. As a reminder, TA applications MUST be authorized (funded) prior to the term start date.

The Marine MUST print their voucher and turn the voucher into the school accounting office to process the payment.

Still searching for more in-depth assistance with Tuition Assistance?  Check out other Marine Corps articles about TA or contact your installation’s Voluntary Education staff.

For more information, please visit:

 VA Educational Benefits can now be used in conjunction with your Tuition Assistance program.  Please visit this link for application and benefit information.