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The Distinguished Professor Award was established in 1983 and is given in recognition of significant achievement in teaching, scholarship and service. Recipients a stipend underwritten by generous donors to the USI Foundation.

2023 Jill Raisor '03 Education
2022 Melissa Stacer Criminal Justice
2021 No award given.
2020 Silvia Rode World Languages and Culture
2019 Ernest H. Hall, Jr. Management
2018 Glenna G. Bower '95 Kinesiology and Sport
2017 Stephen C. Zehr Sociology
2016 Kathy V. Rodgers Mathematics
2015 Kathryn M. Waters Art
2014 Kent W. Scheller Physics
2013 Robert E. Boostrom Teacher Education
2012 Paul A. Kuban Engineering
2011 Barbara A. Davis Nursing
2010 Brian L. McGuire Accounting
2009 Kevin J. Valadares Health Services
2008 Sherry Bevins Darrell
2007 Paul Doss Geology
2006 No award given.
2005 Timothy J. Schibik Economics
2004 Gene Freudenburg Mathematics
2003 John McNaughton Art
2002 Marie G. Hankins Chemistry
2001 Aimee Luebben Occupational Therapy
2000 John Gottcent English and University Core Coordinator
1999 Oscar Ozete Spanish
1998 Mehmet C. Kocakulah Accounting
1997 James H. Bandoli Biology
1996 No award given.
1995 Charles F. Petranek Sociology
1994 Daniel C. Scavone History
1993 Augustine Jay Fredrich Civil Engineering Technology
1992 Aldo Cardarelli Teacher Education
1991 Marlene V. Shaw Biology
1990 Charles L. Price Science Education
1989 Darrel E. Bigham History
1988 No award given.
1987 Melvin W. Denner Biology
1986 Wanda Hibbitts Accounting
1985 Howard E. Dunn Chemistry
1984 Donald E. Pitzer History
1983 Daniel A. Miller History