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The President's Medal is the highest award presented to a graduating senior. The Student Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate selects the recipient. The student is chosen on scholarship and service to the University. He or she receives a medal engraved with the University seal, the person's name, and the year the award was presented.

2024 Shelby L. Clark '24 Marketing
2023 Savannah M. Staples '23 English Teaching
2022 Anna M. Ardelean '22 Political Science
2021 Meghan B. McCrary '21 Biology
2020 Jean Marie Uwimana '20 Economics and Mathematics
2019 Riley K. Cornett '19 Communication Studies
2018 Virgilio E. Paulino Political Science and Philosophy
2017 Evan K. Steiler Biology
2016 Maria A. Anderson Biology
2015 Shelby N. Tarantino Exercise Science
2014 Jordan K. Morrison Nursing
2013 Ashley R. Hilton Social Work
2012 Phillip H. Behrens IV Biology
2011 Steven L. Geiss Biology
2010 Meral K. El Ramahi Biology
2009 Jamie L. Johnson Chemistry
2008 Samuel C. Bowles English
2007 Award declined.
2006 Lindsey A. McGowan Elementary Education
2005 Samuel J. Tucker Chemistry and Marketing
2004 Rachel Miller Mathematics, Math Teaching and French
2003 Walter J. Jermakowicz Biology, Chemistry and German
2002 Rick A. Hudson Mathematics
2001 Eric J. Norton English
2000 Jill Marie Welden Accounting
1999 Mary Beth Cable Communications
1998 Lisa Ann Amiano Elementary Education
1997 Nicole L. Cable Chemistry
1996 Lisabeth A. Luther Political Science and Sociology
1995 Chad J. Hartman Mathematics
1994 Travis J. Taylor Biology
1993 Sherry M. Begle Biology
1992 Debbie L. Seib Accounting and Computer Information Systems
1991 Brad A. Schepers Mechanical Engineering Technology