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Use the menus below to access to commonly used brand-related resources.

USI Employee login required. All external requests should be directed to USI Marketing and Communications, 812-464-1755.

USI logo

Athletic logo

Logo Download Page

The following Word templates may be used in your office correspondence. Double click in the footer area to enter your department name and phone/fax numbers.

For printed stationery and business cards, you may order online through University Creative and Print.

The University contracts the production of name tags with AmeriStamp Sign-A-Rama. Please contact their office at 812-477-7763 to place your order.

Options for displaying your information are below.

Name tag options

Consistent email signatures deliver a visually coherent look across university departments and offices. Just as our business cards follow a standardized approach, email signatures should be consistent. Consider your email signature your digital business card, and include the appropriate information.

Other considerations
Personal quotations or philosophical statements should not be included as part of your signature. Your USI signature is a direct representation of the university's viewpoint.

Watermarked, colored or photographic backgrounds in emails are not permitted as they often make correspondence difficult to read and are not always compatible with other email programs.

When applicable, professional designations or certifications may be placed directly after your name. For example: Jane Doe, MBA

Set-up Instructions

The USI email signature uses Calibri font which is a common font found on most Macs and PCs. If the instructions below do not give you the same format or look as the example, please check to make sure you have enabled HTML messages in Outlook, and you are using FireFox or Chrome Browser.

Email Template Page

  1. Visit the email template page to choose which signature you want to use. 
  2. Second, COPY AND PASTE 
    Highlight the entire signature, and copy it by pressing Ctrl-C on PC or Cmd-C on a Mac.
    based on what platform/application you are using below.

Paste into Outlook for PC

  • Create a new email
  • Select Signature --> Signatures
  • Select new.
  • Copy and Paste the signature version you want to use

Paste into Outlook for Mac

  • Create a new email
  • Go to Insert
  • Click on Signature  -- > Manage Signatures
  • Click the plus sign to add a new signature
  • Copy and Paste the signature version you want to use
  • Edit the placeholders with your information.
  • Save.

Three powerpoint templates are available. Background images are also included with the download package for use with other presentation programs such as Keynote.

Powerpoint Templates

powerpoint slide examples

USI Photography has curated a collection of photos to use as Zoom backgrounds.  Instructions from Zoom on how to change your virtual background.

Zoom Gallery

Zoom backgrounds

Right-click on the Image and select "Save Image As" and save it to your computer.

USI Wide Logo

USI Stacked Logo

USI Screaming Eagles Logo

Windows Users

  1. On your desktop, right-click an empty area.
  2. Select Personalize.
  3. Click the Desktop Background link.
  4. Change your background settings.
    • To set your background to an image file:
      1. From the Picture location: choose the location of the photo you just saved.
      2. Place a check in the check box of the picture you want to display.
      3. From the Picture position: drop-down list, choose Fill
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

MAC OS Users

  • Hold down the Control button on your keyboard while clicking on an empty area of your desktop.
  • Choose "Change Desktop Background."
  • Navigate to the photo that you have chosen and click on it.

Facebook Profile Photo (500 x 500px)

USI Mono USI Mono Blue Grey USI Mono

Red USI solo Blue USI solo Grey USI solo

Facebook Cover Images (851 x 315px)

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Facebook Cover Image 3 Facebook Cover Image 4

Facebook Cover Image 5 Facebook Cover Image 6

Facebook Cover Image 7 Facebook Cover Image 8

Facebook Cover Image 9 Facebook Cover Image 10

Facebook Cover Image 11 Facebook Cover Image 12

Facebook Cover Image 13 Facebook Cover Image 14

Twitter Cover Images (1500 x 500)

Twitter Cover Image 1 Twitter Cover Image 2

Twitter Cover Image 3 Twitter Cover Image 4

Twitter Cover Image 5 Twitter Cover Image 6

Twitter Cover Image 7 Twitter Cover Image 8

Twitter Cover Image 9 Twitter Cover Image 10