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Academic Marks

Athletic Marks

University Seal

Employees looking for logo downloads, please see our resources page.


Primary Palette: USI Navy Blue

Web Hex #002856

Primary Palette: USI Red

Web Hex #CF102D

Support Color: Gray


Support Color: White


Secondary Color: Medium Blue

Web Hex #0061AB

Secondary Color: Light Blue

Hex Code: #8ED8F8

Secondary Color: Gold

Hex Code: #FCB643

USI blue and USI red are the primary colors used for the University of Southern Indiana but there are occasions that secondary and support colors can be used along with the primary colors. However, these colors are not to be used in place of USI blue or USI red but only as complements and accents. The secondary colors are for Academic branding use only.

Compatible Typography

The ITC Giovanni (serif) and Source Sans Pro (sans serif) fonts are used in the USI Academic logos and USI branding and printing.

Giovanni font sample Source Sans pro font sample

Font Substitution

Garamond and Calibri fonts are approved for use if the above fonts are not available. It is strongly encouraged by USI that vendors use the specified fonts or use the substitution fonts for retail application.