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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my student benefit from joining a fraternity or sorority?
There are many benefits to joining a Fraternity or Sorority as well as a larger community at USI. Fraternity/Sorority Life (FSL) at USI is built upon five pillars of excellence. Students seek excellence in scholarship, leadership, brotherhood and sisterhood, philanthropy, and growth, personal, chapter and community. By participating in FSL at USI, your student has the opportunity to develop skills in all of these areas and to build life-long connections while serving the greater community. Members are lifelong learners, leaders with self-understanding, diverse and well-rounded community members, and citizens with a greater understanding of the world and altruism.

How will joining a fraternity or sorority affect my student's academics? 
As scholarship is one of the main pillars of excellence upon which Fraternity/Sorority Life at USI is built, students are encouraged to not only maintain their academic pursuits, but they are challenged to excel academically. To join an IFC fraternity or a Panhellenic sorority, a minimum 2.6 GPA is required, though some chapters have a higher minimum GPA set by their (inter)national organization. 

What about the social aspects of membership, will my student be "partying all the time"? 
Fraternities and Sororities provide a multitude of social interactions for students that do not involve alcohol. As such, the university takes great strides to ensure that there is a safe and comfortable environment for all students who choose to participate. USI has a strict policy prohibiting alcohol on campus and polices/guidelines for when organizations host events where alcohol is present.

What is the financial obligation if my student joins a fraternity or sorority?
As with all avenues of involvement in college, there are some financial obligations that accompany participation in fraternity or sorority life which should be considered before making the commitment to join. While each organization may have a different amount, your student should expect to pay somewhere between $250 and $400 per semester to participate in Greek life. This fee goes toward national and chapter expenses as well as the social enterprises of the organization. In some instances, as a new member, your student may pay more for that semester than any of the semesters to follow to account for specific new member fees. You should discuss the financial obligation with your student ahead of time to make it clear whose responsibility payment will be.

Is hazing part of the culture of fraternities and sororities at the University of Southern Indiana?
The university maintains strict policies against hazing, as do the individual chapters on USI’s campus. Hazing is defined as any action taken or any situation created whether on or off chapter premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing is forbidden and will not be tolerated. If your student feels that he or she has been a victim of an act of hazing, he or she can report the act to Student Development Programs, the Dean of Student office, Public Safety, or any other office who will relay the information to the proper person. 

Does USI have any culturally based fraternities and sororites? 
USI currently has two historically African American sororities on campus, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. USI is committed to the continued growth of these chapters and addition of more NPHC affiliated chapters.

Who is actually in charge of fraternities and sororities?
Each chapter elects individuals to govern the day-to-day operations of the chapter and to oversee the enforcement of (inter)national rules and regulations on USI’s campus. Additionally, each chapter has an alumni advisor who can assist the chapter in ensuring compliance with (inter)national policies. Finally, the Assistant Director: Center for Campus Life - Fraternity/Sorority Life is a full time professional who oversees the functioning of every chapter on campus and serves as the primary contact for the USI fraternity and sorority community.

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Contact Information

If you have any further questions about Fraternity/Sorority Life, please feel free to contact us at or call the Office of Student Development Programs at 812-465-7167.

Concerned your son/daughter is a victim of hazing?

Contact any of the resources below:

Office of Student Development Programs, 812-465-7167
Dean of Students, 812-464-1862
USI Public Safety, 812-492-7777 (emergency) / 812-464-1845 (non-emergency)