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Campus Posting Policies

Posting on campus is restricted to University campus groups, organizations, University departments, students, faculty and staff. Space is not available for commercial advertising by non-University firms or organizations unless a request is received in writing and permission is granted in writing by the Dean of Students.

All posting is limited to those activities open to the student body; events that bear some direct relationship to the educational purpose of the University and/or that provide an exceptional or beneficial service to students, faculty, and staff not normally available; and information about a student organization or University department, including educational material related to their purpose or function. 

All posting must have the name of the sponsoring group or organization and follow the posting policies and procedures. The posting policy applies to all forms of posting. Additional policies may apply to specific forms or areas.

No posting of flyers or literature on car windows, light poles, sidewalks, building doorways, trash cans or unapproved locations. Violations to the campus posting policy should be reported to the Dean of Students.

All flyers and posters may be placed on bulletin boards and must meet the guidelines stated in the first section of this policy. They are not to exceed 22” X 30” and must be secured by using pushpins or thumbtacks on bulletin boards. Bulletin boards and posting areas are defined for use as follows:

  • Bulletin boards identified as “designated” or “General University Posting Areas” are available for posting to the following: University campus groups, organizations, University departments, students, faculty, staff and approved non-University firms or organizations. To obtain a current listing of all designated or “General University Posting Areas,” contact Special Events and Scheduling Services.
  • Bulletin boards identified as “restricted” are under the jurisdiction of a college, department or administrative office and are restricted to their use only. University campus groups, organizations and University departments may request permission to use these bulletin boards by the appropriate college, department or administrative official.

Groups or individuals using designated bulletin boards may bring 11 copies to Special Events and Scheduling Services (UC 017) to be posted by a member of the Scheduling staff.

An open posting area is available for posting by anyone, without permission. The open posting area is located just inside the University Center East boulevard entrance.

Banners may be hung by registered or recognized student organizations and University departments on the UC in designated locations. Banner space on the University Center is available on a first-come, first-served basis with Special Events and Scheduling Services, but can be scheduled in advance to secure space. All banners must meet the following guidelines:

  • Cannot exceed a standard twin sized sheet (66” x 96”) that hangs vertically
  • Cannot contain wood or metal
  • Must utilize the appropriate weights (anchors), such as balloons filled with sand (available free from Special Events and Scheduling Services). Anchors must hold the banner straight but must not present a risk to people or property.
  • After removal, banners not picked up within five working days will be discarded.

Staked signs and A-Frames may be utilized by registered student organizations and University departments. Staked signs, maximum size of 18” x 24”, and A-frames, maximum size of 36”x36”, are allowed in specified lawn areas along the sidewalks and roadways as long as they do not block or overhang onto a walkway, driveway or street. All signs must be in the grassy areas and approximately 18 inches or more from the sidewalk. Permanent signs are not permitted on University premises.

Staked signs and A-frames are not permitted in landscaped areas nor in specified areas (see Yard Sign Map). Only directional signs for campus events may be posted in the boulevard median with approval from Special Events and Scheduling Services.

Within 72 hours of the completion of the event, all signs must be removed or it will result in Facilities Operations and Planning charges.

Table tents in the UC may be utilized by registered student organizations and University departments.

To place table tents, permission must be obtained through Special Events and Scheduling Services.

Table tents must state the sponsoring University department or student organization and stand completely upright. Unauthorized table tents will be removed.

Chalking may be utilized by registered student organizations and University departments to promote scheduled events and is allowed on outdoor concrete (non-brick) sidewalk areas that are exposed to the weather and can be easily washed away by rain.

  • No spray chalk or chalk pens may be used.
  • No chalking on the side of buildings or walls/ramps.
  • Facility Operations and Planning charges for cleanup in areas not exposed to rain may be incurred.
  • Try to only use brands of chalk identified as sidewalk chalk on the label.
  • Designs with lewd content, hateful or derogatory messages or symbols or designs that can be changed into lewd content are not permitted.
  • All chalking must meet the campus posting policy.
  • Counter-chalking is not allowed. Counter-chalking is defined as chalking that occurs either directly on original chalking or in proximity to original chalking and represents an opposing viewpoint. Chalk paint is not allowed.

Student organizations and/or University Departments who misuse or abuse this policy can have access to chalk removed.

Registered and recognized student organizations, University departments and sponsored non-University firms and organizations may distribute literature/handbills on campus if in compliance with the campus posting policy, in addition to the following:

  • Individuals distributing do not hawk, shout or accost individuals
  • The distribution may not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Literature or handbills discarded on the ground in the general area of distribution are to be picked up by sponsoring group
  • The distribution of material is not in an area reserved by another organization nor does it impede another scheduled activity or event.
  • The distribution of material must be outside and will not be allowed inside University buildings.

Student organizations and University departments may reserve designated display cases in the University Center for promoting their organization and/or events with Special Events and Scheduling Services.

  • Display cases can be reserved for up to a three (3) week period with a limit of two display cases at one given time. The reservations cannot be continuous in nature.
  • If reserved display cases are not used within the first three (3) days, the entire reservation will be cancelled.
  • Display cases may be reserved up to one (1) year in advance.
  • Display cases must be cleaned out by 4 p.m. on the last day of the reservation.
  • Individuals must present a valid University ID to check out display case key in Special Events and Scheduling
  • The University will not be responsible for the safekeeping of any materials in the display case and will empty the case if items are not removed in the time allowed. Five (5) days after the reservation period ends, items will be discarded.
  • Requesters not complying with these rules will lose the privilege of reserving display cases for the rest of the semester. Any other display cases they have reserved will be released at that time.