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Most incoming students will be required to take placement exams prior to attending orientation. The university requires most students to take these exams to determine the math and English courses students need to take during their first semester of classes at USI. There are placement exams for math, English, reading, and foreign language. The criteria that is used to determine which tests students must take can be found on the Academic Skills website. This website also includes information about preparing for your placement exams.

After you sign up for orientation, you will receive a packet of information. This packet of information will include the placement exams that you are required to take. It is important to take your placement exams before you attend orientation. Below you will find more information about how to schedule your placement exams and what to do if you think you need accommodations for a placement exam.  

Steps to Access the USI Placement Testing Website

  1. Go to the Academic Skills website

  2. Click on "placement testing" on the left-hand column.

  3. Click on "scheduling your test" on the left-hand column to learn about options and locations for taking the placement exams.           

It is recommended that you take your placement exams at least two weeks prior to your orientation date.

Both the reading and math exams are untimed. However, the writing exam is timed.

If you plan to use accommodations for the writing exam, please read the following steps:

  1. Contact USI Disability Resources at 812-464-1961. 

  2. Submit proper documentation to USI Disability Resources. See the disability resources page for information regarding proper documentation.

  3. After you hear back from the Disability Resources Office that your documentation has been approved, you can call Academic Skills to schedule an appointment to take your exam at (812)464-1743.