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***If this is an emergency, such as a water leak, fire, or an electrical problem that could be hazardous, please call the control room (open 24 hours) immediately at 812-464-1729.***

This form is for Housing residents only.

If you are a campus employee and would like to report an issue in your office or building, please complete the general work request form, found here.

If you have already submitted a work order and need to make a revision, DO NOT ENTER A NEW WORK ORDER. Please  with the updated changes or call Housing at 812-468-2000.

Submitting a work order request
Fix My Home requests are attended to in the order in which they are received, unless the maintenance staff determines the issue is urgent. Please allow a minimum of 24-48 business hours for maintenance to come before calling in or re-submitting the request again. PLEASE BE PATIENT - DO NOT SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE WORK REQUEST FOR THE SAME ISSUE. If you have already placed a work request online or by phone, please do not submit an additional request via the other method. This way, we can avoid creating duplicates. We will get the request in system for you as soon as possible during our normal business hours once received. Keep in mind that if you do not notify us, we are not aware of issues you are currently having in your apartment. (Saying something has been an issue all semester if we have never been notified will not help get the issue in the system any faster.)

When submitting a request, give very detailed information about the issue in the "Work Requested" field. "The toilet is broken" or "A/C issue" is not as accurate as "The toilet flush handle is not working" or "LR PTAC will not turn on." The more we know, the quicker we can prepare to fix the issue and get it resolved. Maintenance has a key to all apartments to better assist you during our normal business hours. Please keep in mind that if the "please call first" option is chosen, maintenance cannot come to your apartment to fix the issue until you answer your phone, thus causing a delay in repairs.

Please create separate work orders for HVAC (heating/AC and refrigerators) and pest control from your general work order requests (clogged toilets, lights out, door locks broken, etc.).

Pest Control

Pest control comes every Wednesday around noon. All requests should be made by 2pm on the Tuesday before. Any requests made around or after their arrival time may have to wait until the next week. Please note that flying insects, such as gnats, flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, etc., and other critters, such as lizards, raccoons, birds, and snakes, are not included in general pest control. Please also note that cleaning up spiderwebs and dead bugs that are found are the resident's responsibility. When making a request, please be specific in the type of bug it may be, location and amount of insects seen, and length of time they have been an issue. Do not spray anything before pest control comes as this can affect treating the problem accurately and efficiently. Glue traps may be obtained from the Housing and Residence Life office. Please allow 1-2 weeks for treatments to take effect. Do not resubmit work orders. Notify to reopen the work order if issue persists. 

WAIT! Before you submit...

Have you tried using the healthy living tips to remedy the issue on your own? If you have, please let us know. It helps us to know what you've already tried (plunged drain, cleaned filter, changed bulb, etc.)! Still confused? Check out our Fix My Home FAQ's (pending).

Work Request Format

Please enter your work orders in the format below in the form's description field:
Make sure all fields are accurate and complete before submitting! Click the button below when you are ready to start.