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Transfer Academic Scholarship Guidelines

Initially Enrolled Prior to 2021-2022

The Transfer Academic Scholarship is based upon merit and intended for entering students transferring from a community college who initially matriculate to USI in spring 2016 and forward.


$1,000 per year per academic year ($500 per term).

Number available

Varies. Offers may be limited based on availability of funding. For this reason, students are encouraged to apply early.


No application is required. Eligible degree-seeking students will be identified based on their admission application credentials. Students must apply for admission by April 1 for students entering in the summer or fall semesters or by November 1 for students entering in the spring semesters.

Selection Criteria

Eligible students must have a minimum of 42 transferable credit hours from a community college with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 to 3.49. Students that have attended a 4-year college or university post high school graduation are not eligible for this award.

Renewal Criteria

The scholarship may be renewed automatically if the student successfully completes 24 USI credit hours each academic year (fall/spring) and earns a minimum 2.75 cumulative USI grade point average. Students who enroll for the spring semester are required to successfully complete 12 credit hours and earn a minimum 2.75 cumulative USI grade point average to be considered for renewal. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will evaluate earned hours after the spring semester. Students may make up deficits in earned hours in the summer. Courses used to make up deficits in earned hours must be taken at USI.

Additional Information

  • Renewable for 3 additional consecutive semesters or until first undergraduate degree is completed whichever comes first.
  • Students must enroll full-time at USI. A full-time student is defined as one who enrolls in at least 12 credit hours each fall/spring semester. Official enrollment is determined on census day (5th day of fall/spring). Failure to comply with these requirements nullifies the award and all future entitlement. Under exceptional circumstances, a student may petition the Director of Student Financial Assistance for a “leave of absence” for one semester and an extension of calendar year limits or an exception to the minimum enrollment requirement (only for legitimate medical or academic reasons).
  • Award recipients may utilize this award for summer, if GPA/credit hour progression is met in prior fall/spring semesters. Usage of this award in summer will require full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) and will count towards one of the 4 eligible semesters.
  • This award offer is valid only during the semester for which the award is made.
  • Qualifying transfer credits must be completed following high school graduation and prior to enrollment at USI.
  • Students must not have enrolled at another four-year college or university following graduation from high school.
  • All participating students must maintain good standing at USI. Students who are dismissed from the University, for any reason, forfeit all entitlement to this scholarship.

Appeals Process

Students may request exceptions to these regulations when unusual or mitigating circumstances warrant such action. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Student Financial Assistance Appeals Committee at USI. Send all correspondence to the Office of Student Financial Assistance, University of Southern Indiana, 8600 University Boulevard, Evansville, IN 47712. Decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.

Students may check their MyUSI account for the most current financial aid information. USI reserves the right to make necessary adjustments. Renewal of this scholarship depends upon future funding. The University reserves the right to change scholarships, policies, and award amounts. The right to correct errors is also reserved.

Questions about the Transfer Academic Scholarship guidelines?

Contact the Student Financial Assistance office at 812-464-1767 or 800-467-1965; or email Business hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (central time).