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2024 USI Graduate Student Colloquium pre-recorded presentations are viewable below.

Doctor of Education Student Presentations

Presented by: Karen Gerhart

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Student Presentations

Presented by: Tiffany Soaper

Presented by: Jacklyn Chandler

Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition, Policy, and Culture Student Presentations

Presented by: Adrienne Ritchie

Presented by: Loren Visser

Master of Science in Occupation Therapy Student Presentations

Presented by: Chris Clements, Aaron Lents, Abigail Magruder, Kara Martin, and Olivia Wildeman

Presented by: Anna Hoefling, Ashley Keller, Johanna Lasher, Emily Stevens, and Kate Toennies

Presented by: Alexis Bell, Tammy Fields, Josie Krakora, Alexis Roeder, and Hailey Wagner

Presented by: Paighten Blades, Kristen Kuykendoll, Haley Messic, Jaelyn Duncan, Annemarie Cardin

Presented by: Lexi Huskisson, Elizabeth Lippert, Hannah Herma, Meghan Bock, Cameron Hamilton

Presented by: Shea Keller, Madison Manhart, Grace Modglin, Cassie Napier, and Shea Richards