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Historic New Harmony, a department within Outreach and Engagement at the University of Southern Indiana, maintains 23 buildings and 40 acres in New Harmony, Indiana.

Atheneum Visitors Center

Designed by internationally acclaimed architect Richard Meier, the Atheneum has received numerous design awards, including the Progressive Architecture Award for 1979, the American Institute of Architects Award in 1982, and the Twenty-five Year Award in 2008. The stunning building, which serves as the Visitors Center for New Harmony, houses exhibits on the communal history of New Harmony, a large theater where an orientation film on the town is shown, and the Museum Shop. Many of the galleries can be used for receptions, small meetings, and cocktail events.

The Atheneum Visitors Center is open Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., excluding Thanksgiving and Easter. New Harmony is located in the Central time zone.

401 N. Arthur Street
New Harmony, IN 47631

Tours include a tram tour at 10:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. (Tuesday–Saturday) and a history tour at 1:00 p.m. (Tuesday–Sunday). 

For reservations to the New Harmony Tram Tour or History Tour, please call the Atheneum Visitors Center at 812-682-4474. For groups of ten or more, please contact David Angel, Experience Coordinator, at 812-682-4488 or  

For questions about renting the Atheneum, please contact David Angel, Experience Coordinator, at 812-682-4488 or

Atheneum Rental Agreement

Gallery of Contemporary Art

The mission of New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art is to provide a not-for-profit (non-commercial) exhibition space for current Midwestern artists and to promote discourse about and access to contemporary art in the southern Indiana region. Since its inception in 1975, New Harmony Gallery has provided an exhibition space for young and mid-career artists to show their work in a professional setting; and further, to provide a venue for contemporary art to the general public. The cornerstone of the Gallery’s mission is education and access through a carefully planned series of eight exhibitions per year. The exhibition series, which explores contemporary art concepts, is intended to provide increased opportunity for artists and the public to engage in discourse on and about the arts and culture.

Please contact the Gallery at 812-682-3156 or for availability.

Gallery Website

Murphy Auditorium

In 1911, the Working Men's Institute purchased a lot adjacent to their museum/library with the purpose of building an auditorium. This project was funded through the Dr. Edward Murphy Fund. Today, USI's Murphy Auditorium continues to be used for conferences, concerts and lectures.

Please contact us at 812-682-4488 or for availability.

Murphy Auditorium Rental Agreement

Church Park

Built on the original site of the two Harmonist churches, Church Park is a peaceful location in the center of the town. A fountain by noted sculptor Don Gummer sits in the middle of the formal gardens and the park is entered through a recreation of the Door of Promise, which welcomed Harmonists to their large brick church. It includes the Harmonist golden rose motif and inscription, "Micah 4 vs. 8." This inscription refers to the German Lutheran translation of the bible verse: "And thou Tower of Eden, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion, the golden rose shall come, the former dominion, the Kingdom of the daughter of Jerusalem."

Please contact us at 812-682-4488 or for availability.

Church Park Rental Agreement

Schnee Ribeyre Elliott House

Since David Michaelis Schnee, a saddle and harness maker, built the home on the southwest corner of West and Tavern streets in 1867, the home has been a rich part of New Harmony history. The home was sold to Corn King Captain Alfred Ribeyre in 1879, who later passed the home to his son Robert. Captain Ribeyre was a prominent farmer in the area, and he built many of the commercial structures still in use downtown. It was during the New Harmony Centennial in 1914 that former President Taft visited the home.

In 1925, the Ribeyre family sold the home to Elmer Elliott, who lived in the home until his death at age 100 in 1965. His daughter, Helen Elliott, then lived in the home until her death in 1982. She bequeathed the home to Historic New Harmony. The home has been fully restored and has housed the administrative offices of Historic New Harmony since 2006. It is available for parties and meetings.

Please contact us at 812-682-4488 or for availability.

Schnee Ribeyre Elliott House Rental Agreement

The Double Log Cabin

The Double Log Cabin was moved from another site. It was long considered the oldest structure in New Harmony, but is now known to be of more recent origin. The cabin illustrates frontier construction techniques in this area. Early community living demonstrations are available during special events and tours. Two rooms may be rented with a capacity for 30 people with limited seating. There is no electricity at this location.

Please contact us at 812-682-4488 or for availability.

Double Log Cabin Rental Agreement

Please note that because so many of the facilities interpreted in Historic New Harmony date from the early 19th Century, some historic buildings present accessibility challenges for visitors with limited mobility. Please contact Historic New Harmony at 812-682-4488 for information on specific buildings, locations, or events.