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For information about cancellation for the current academic year please read 2023-24 Contract Terms and Conditions.

For the full terms and conditions for 2024-2025, please click here.

The contract cancellation form is on the Housing Portal. To cancel, students must submit the online form.

2024-2025 Housing Contract Cancellation Policy

In the event this Contract is cancelled or terminated, either voluntary or involuntary, the Student or former Student will be assessed Cancellation Fees based on the following schedule (in addition to any other applicable fees and expenses set forth herein):

On or before June 1 Refund $200 prepayment
June 2 through August 9 $500 cancellation fee
August 10 through December 6 $500 cancellation fee plus room charges for nights in residence
December 7 and After Room charges for nights in residence
SPRING ONLY CONTRACT - On or before December 1 Refund $200 prepayment
SPRING ONLY CONTRACT - After December 1 Room charges for nights in residence

*Cancellation date is not the day the cancellation form is submitted online. The cancellation date is the day a student turns in their key.

Spring Billing
The spring housing charges will go onto student accounts in early December. Students will see the charges on TouchNet.

Spring Contract Cancellation
Residents who do not plan to return to housing and/or USI for the spring semester are encouraged to cancel their contract beginning in November. This information assists HRL in planning for needed spaces for new students moving in for the spring semester. Please indicate on the cancellation form that it is for spring.

HRL will adjust the spring housing charges after residents check out and turn in their key. Typically account adjustments are made in January for students who check out mid- to late-December.

Red Eagle, White Eagle, and Blue Eagle Meal Plan Cancellation

Week 1: 10% of the Meal Plan fee
Week 2: 20% of the meal plan fee
Week 3: 30% of the meal plan fee
Week 4: 40% of the meal plan fee
After the 4th week: No meal plan refund

A billing week for the meal plan begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. Cancelled meal plans begin on the Friday following review and approval by
the Food Service Appeal Committee.

All cancellations will have to submit an appeal to the Food Service office for review. The appeal form will be provided after the cancellation request is

With approval of your meal plan cancellation, munch money is refundable for the full unused amount.

Titanium, Platinum, and Gold Meal Plan Cancellation: These plans are non‐refundable as of the first day of each semester.

Withdrawal from the University
If Student withdraws from the University during the Contract term, Student must:

  • Contact the Registrar’s Office and withdraw from classes
  • Complete a Contract Cancellation form
  • Contact the Food Service office if they have a meal plan
  • Contact the Student Financial Assistance Office if they have any form of financial assistance
  • Move out of Housing and Residence Life facilities within 24 hours of their withdrawal date

Contract Release
A Student may request to be released from this Contract prior to the end of the Contract term for any one of the following reasons:

  • Marriage as evidenced by a marriage certificate (marriage must have occurred during the Contract term)
  • Graduation from the University
  • Assignment to a University-sponsored internship program, research project, co-op program, Student teaching, military service, or other program that requires living a significant distance from Vanderburgh County
  • A significant, unavoidable, and unanticipated change in circumstances beyond the Student’s control, which occurs after the signing of the Contract.

Finding less expensive housing off-campus, failing to get desired room assignment or roommates, being removed from Housing through the conduct process, and/or failing to receive financial aid because of ineligibility will not be considered valid reasons for release from this Contract without the application of Cancellation Fees in accordance with the terms of this Contract.

In order to provide information to State and University auditors’ offices, Students are required to provide documentation that verifies their request for Contract Release. Verification must be in the form of financial records, medical releases, unemployment notifications, etc. Personal letters from parents or Students with no additional forms of documentation will not be considered sufficient verification. The University review of a request for Contract Release will consider the Student’s initial claims of hardship. Additional claims after review by the University will not be considered.

Contract Cancellation Procedures
Contract Cancellation form is available online on the Housing Portal. If a Student wants to appeal the cancellation fee, the Student must write a summary explaining the grounds for their request and must attach any supporting documentation regarding this summary. The request must be emailed to Living. Students will receive a formal response (within 10 business days indicating the decision rendered. Failure to provide supporting documentation may result in the denial of any refund.

A Contract Cancellation form must be on file in Housing and Residence Life. This Contract continues until such time as Housing and Residence Life approves an officialContract Cancellation and the Student vacates the facilities. Any personal property left in University Housing after vacating will be considered abandoned and will be disposed.

Any one or more of the following situations may be cause for termination of this Contract by the University:

  • Delinquent account (non-payment)
  • Disciplinary action
  • Failure to be actively enrolled in classes
  • Failure to submit immunization records
  • Failure to make academic progress

In addition, Housing and Residence Life may terminate this Contract and take possession of the University Housing at any time for violation of the provisions herein, for violations of any University regulation, for health or social reasons or for any other reasons deemed sufficient by the University in its sole discretion.

The following process will be followed in cases of contract termination:

  • Notice of alleged violation
  • Meeting with a Housing and Residence Life administrator
  • Notice of contract termination
  • Eviction may take place immediately upon notice
  • For additional information and guidelines about policies and procedures, see USI Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Students who are required to withdraw prior to, or as a result of, pending conduct action will be assessed cancellation fees (see Cancellation Fee Schedule).

Decisions of the Director of Housing and Residence Life or his/her designee are final. No additional appeals are afforded under this Contract. Students may be required to follow the USI Student Rights and Responsibilities disciplinary process as deemed necessary and applicable at the discretion of the Director of Housing and Residence Life or his/her designee. In these cases, charges will be filed through the Assistant Director for Student Conduct or designee.

The University, in the event of any disaster leaving University facilities or any portion thereof uninhabitable or inoperable for more than seven (7) continuous days, may cancel this Contract. In addition to all rights contained herein of cancellation, declaration of default, or termination, the University reserves the right to cancel this Contract without cause thirty (30) days after mailing written notice of cancellation to the Student at the most recent address supplied to the University by the Student. Notice will be mailed by certified mail, return receipt request. If the University elects cancellation under this provision, the University will refund any money due to the Student according to the refund provisions of this Contract. (See Cancellation Fee Schedule).