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What to Pack

Remember most residents are sharing approximately 700 square feet with three other students. Consider the room size and that space is limited. We encourage students to pack lightly and purchase additional items after you move in. Walmart and grocery stores are conveniently located near campus. Also we recommend that students wait until they move in to measure spaces as dimensions may vary slightly from building to building.

  • Consider packing items in smaller containers rather than one large one that may become too heavy to carry.
  • Do not use plastic bags for packing. Use reusable containers that you can use as storage in your room and pack back up when it is time to move out.
  • When possible coordinate with roommate(s) on who brings what. (i.e., TV, microwave, etc.)
  • Avoid bringing large furniture items. Apartments and residence halls are fully furnished. If you do bring a large item, be sure to disassemble (if possible) before moving in. 

If you are bringing clothes on hangers, please place a trash bag over the top to create a garment bag and tie at the bottom. This will prevent clothes from falling off the hangers in transit and makes it easier to carry them.

If possible, leave winter clothes at home and exchange out summer clothes during a trip home.

Electrical Cords
Secure electrical cords to items to prevent a trip hazard during the move in process.

Electronics/Fragile Items
Items, if not in their original packaging, should be packed in boxes securely so they cannot move around inside. Use bubble wrap, blankets, towels or other protective padding to fill open space.

Mini Fridge
If you are bringing a mini fridge that is currently in use, please unplug the fridge in plenty of time to defrost and dry it out. A mini fridge is provided in residence hall kitchenettes, however, students may bring an additional mini fridge if they choose. The maximum size allowed is 4.4 cubic feet.

MicroFridge® Rental for 2024-2025

Students can rent a MicroFridge® for their room. MicroFridge® rentals will be delivered to rooms prior to move in.

To learn more about the MicroFridge® rental program, visit the website or watch the video.