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Utilize the following list of FAQ's to learn more about the capabilities that Qualtrics has specific to the University of Southern Indiana.

I receive trigger emails from a survey/form and attachment links aren't hyperlinked, how can I make them "clickable" links?

Contact for assistance. All triggers emails are being fazed out by Qualtrics and they are requiring Email Actions to be taking their place.

How can I auto-populate form fields in surveys for USI students and employees with Embedded Data/Embedded Data set by SSO authentication?

Follow the instructions to set up SSO Authenticators in surveys, and then select "Add Default Choices" (available through the gray gear symbol on the left under the question number) on the question. Select "Embedded Data Field" for each field you want to populate from the SSO/any Embedded Data and direct it to the corresponding Embedded Data Field.

What Regex Codes can I use to Custom Validate questions in my survey?

See a list of Regex Codes here that you can use with Custom Validation within surveys. This can allow only certain responses to be input form fields (i.e. student ID number, USI email addresses, time, date, department account number etc.)

How can I add a retake link into a trigger email or workflow email for individual respondents?

Follow these steps, provided from Qualtrics.