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The Single Sign On Authenticator can limit only USI employees and students to participate in a survey/form and it can allow for fields such as first name, last name, USI email, and USI ID to be pre-populated within the form with certified correct data from Banner. This assists in making forms that need participants to fill in these fields easier to complete as well as verifying data with the university’s records. This will prohibit a survey from displaying if embedded onto a website. Post the link to the survey instead, to allow for USI employees and students to participate.

Setting up an SSO Authenticator in a Qualtrics survey/form

What fields can I bring into a Qualtrics survey/form for a students and employees of the university? (Capture respondent identifying info)

Use the table below to fill out an SSO Authenticator within a Qualtrics form. We are able to bring over these values ONLY if they are populated within employee/student contact information in Outlook.

screen 3

You must enter the Embedded Data to Set and Field from SSO EXACTLY as shown below for the fields that you want to populate. You are not required to enter all of the fields. Best practice for doing so is simply copy and pasting into the authenticator in your Qualtrics form from the table below.

Embedded Data to Set

Field from SSO

Who will it populate for?

What does it populate?

First_Name firstname Everyone The user's first name.
Last_Name lastname Everyone The user's last name.
USI_ID employeeID Everyone

Students - Their Eagles ID.

Employees - Their USI ID.

USI_Email email Everyone

*Students - Their ( email address.

*Employees - Their ( email address.

USI_Office_Phone phone Employees only (not including student workers) Employees on-campus office phone number.
USI_Department department Employees AND Student Workers

**Student Workers ONLY - Their working department.

Employees - Their working department. (ex: Planning, Research, & Assessment)

USI_Office_Location officeLocation Employees only (non including student workers)

Employees on-campus office building and location number.

(ex: Byron C Wright Admin Bldg 104K)

Primary_Degree_Major1 primarydegreemajor1 Students only

Students' first major for their primary degree. (ex: RIBS, ENGL, ENGR)

Second_Degree_Major1 seconddegreemajor1 Students only

Students' first major for their second degree. (ex: RIBS, ENGL, ENGR)

Third_Degree_Major1 thirddegreemajor1 Students only

Students' first major for their third degree. (ex: RIBS, ENGL, ENGR)

*If an alias is set up in Outlook for an email address, the alias will populate. For example - John Smith's email may be, but if he has an alias active, it will return it as

**If a student signs into the SSO with their student worker username (ends in ""), it will populate their working department.