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Leverage Study Abroad

Other Ways to Work, Volunteer or Intern Abroad

Working, volunteering or teaching abroad can give you an amazing insight into a culture that you might not get otherwise. There are a number of organizations, programs and resources to help you choose a program that is right for you. Please schedule an appointment with our office to further discuss your options.

Opportunities After Graduation

Your degree is a ticket to explore the world! The following awards and programs offer opportunities to study or work after graduation. Don't let lack of money stand in your way. Once you have a degree, many programs pay you. Some programs even defer repayment on student loans.

  • Fulbright Grants
  • Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
  • Marshall Scholarship
  • Peace Corps
  • Rhodes Scholarship
  • BUNAC Work Abroad

Other Programs and Organizations to consider:

Contacts from the 2006 NAFSA Annual Conference Poster Fair:

AIESEC in the United States (reciprocal paid internships worldwide)

American-Scandinavian Foundation (teaching English and technical internships in Scandinavia)

Amigos de las Americas (volunteer abroad in Latin America)

Boston University International Programs (study-internships; outcomes assessment) - see Frontiers article

The British Council USA (information on short-term work, internships and study in the UK)

BUNAC Work Abroad Programs (reciprocal paid work and volunteer abroad programs)

CDS International (internship and fellowship programs in Germany, Argentina, Switzerland, Russia and Spain)

Child Family Health International (volunteer abroad programs, focus on health)

CIEE Work, Volunteer and Teach Abroad Programs (reciprocal paid and volunteer programs and annual conference)

Cross-Cultural Solutions (volunteer abroad programs)

EUSA-European Study Abroad (academic internship programs for colleges and universities)

Foundation for International Education (academic internship and service learning programs for colleges and universities)

Foundation for Sustainable Development (volunteer and internship programs abroad)

French Cultural Services (teaching English and internship programs)

Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad(periodical publishing research on education abroad 

Fulbright Scholar Program (for international education administrators and for university teaching and research) - seeState Department evaluation of the Fulbright scholar program

Fulbright Student Program (scholarship and English teaching programs for university graduates) (online directories of study, work, internship and teach abroad programs)

IAESTE United States (worldwide reciprocal internship program specializing in engineering and sciences) / (directories of study and internship abroad programs)

Institute for the International Exchange of Students (IES)(study-internship programs; outcomes assessment) - see Frontiers article

InterExchange (reciprocal work, internship and teach abroad programs)

International Partnership for Service-Learning (IPSL) (service-learning study abroad programs; publications and conferences) - see Frontiers article (pdf)

i-to-i Volunteer Abroad Program (volunteer and teach abroad programs)

Mobility International USA (volunteer and study abroad information for people with disabilities)

National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE)(professional association) - see Frontiers article on NSEE's "Principles of Good Practice"

Peace Corps (long-term volunteer abroad program)

Princeton-in-Asia (teach abroad program)

ProWorld Service Corps (volunteer & internship abroad program)

Right to Play (volunteer & internship abroad program)

Study and Work in Ireland Programs, USIT

Transitions Abroad and Abroad View magazines (Periodicals on education abroad)

University of Minnesota: Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID) Program (study abroad programs built around service-learning internships) - see Frontiers article

U.S. State Department Internship Program

Volunteers for Peace (VFP) (short-term, reciprocal volunteer abroad programs) 

WorldTeach (teach abroad programs)