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The Black Student Union (BSU) is an official registered student organization of the University of Southern Indiana. The BSU began its journey with the intent to reach the scope and breath of the entire student body, to encompass student participation from the peripheral to the inner sanctum of race and cultural contacts in the educational and philosophical realms of its teachings.

The organization extends the opportunity to grow and to learn in a supportive environment, promoting the recognition and involvement of African American students, and to make an impact on the decisions regarding students of the University community.

The BSU encourages academic achievement and personal development of its members. The organization is a prominent vehicle for student involvement; BSU members believe that involvement and participation in campus-based programs enhances self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for others, and the development of strong leadership skills. It further enhances awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity among students and the University community. The Black Student Union falls under the auspices of the Multicultural Center, and coordinates, sponsors and co-sponsors various activities on campus such as:

  • MLK Birthday Holiday Observance
  • Black History Month Celebration
  • Thanksgiving Baskets
  • Exam Gift Packs
  • Performing Arts Productions
  • Social Activities (dances, parties, picnics, talent revues, Fashion shows, etc.)

The BSU accepts and welcomes students of all races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds into its membership. If you would like more information about the Black Student Union, you may call the Multicultural Center at 812-465-7188, complete the online request form or stop by the office.

BSU Membership and Executive Council Application

BSU Constitution and By-Laws


Article I - Name

Article II - Purpose

Article III - Membership

Article IV - Officers

Article V - Meetings

Article VI - Amendments


I. Duties of Officers

II. Executive Board

III. Membership

IV. Dues (Financial Obligation)

V. Fundraisers

VI. Quorum

VII. Committees

VIII. Parliamentary Guides/Procedures

IX. Organizational Chart



The Name of this club shall be the Black Student Union (BSU).

Organizational Purpose

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to promote the recognition and involvement of African American students at the University of Southern Indiana with the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and to make an impact on the decisions regarding students of the University Community. Encourage academic achievement and personal development in leadership, time management, organizational and communication skills among the membership. Promote both academic and extracurricular programs to enhance and increase knowledge and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Membership Qualifications

  • All members and potential members of BSU must be enrolled at USI
  • All members have voting rights and privileges
  • BSU members must serve on at least one committee
  • Names submitted for membership must be presented to the organization and voted on by BSU members
  • With the exception of first semester freshmen, a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) is required to become a member of BSU
  • Members must show interest, commitment and loyalty to the BSU
  • The advisor should be a staff member who demonstrates an interest in promoting BSU and its endeavors, be responsible for involving the BSU in the total spectrum of life on campus and enhance the awareness of cultural diversity
  • Membership dues $20


A. President 
B. Vice President 
C. Secretary 
D. Assistant Secretary 
E. Treasurer
F. Historian
G. Parliamentarian
H. Sergeant of Arms


Regular meetings will be held weekly. Special call meetings will be arranged and announced as necessary by the president.


The Constitution may be amended at the annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of those eligible to vote, provided that the proposed amendment was submitted in writing at a previous meeting.


Duties of the Officers

A. President

  • Act as leader and spokesperson for BSU
  • Chair regular and executive board meetings
  • Oversee committee programs and advise all committees
  • Serve on appropriate University Committees

B. Vice-President

  • Preside in the president’s absence
  • Organize and create membership drives
  • Sssist the president in all meetings, functions, events/activities

C. Secretary

  • Record minutes of meetings
  • Type all correspondence for BSU
  • File minutes for a designated time period
  • Maintain a file of documents, announcements, special notices, etc.

D. Treasurer

  • Record all receipts/bills for BSU
  • Receive and disburse monies for BSU
  • Submit financial report on a monthly basis

E. Historian

  • Photograph all BSU activities
  • Keep an album of BSU events, functions and important dates as they relate
  • To the organization

F. Parliamentarian

  • Enforce rules and regulations in form, content and order

G. Sergeant at Arms

  • Preserves order and executes commands
  • Enforces the judgment or the commands of one in authority

Executive Board

The Executive Board is made up of four (4) official BSU Officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Board will make recommendations to the body. Officers shall be elected and voted on by the membership at the annual meeting. Each officer shall hold an office for a one year term or until a successor is duly elected. In case of removal, resignation or departure as President of BSU, the Vice-President assumes the duties of President until the end of term. Should both President and Vice-President resign or leave/withdraw from USI, the Secretary will preside in their absence until a new office staff member is appointed.


Names presented for membership shall be presented to the organization and voted on by BSU members in a regular meeting.


BSU members are taxed $20.00 dues for the school year. This fee may be paid on a weekly or monthly basis. Remember that BSU must operate out of its treasury for some of its activities. All monies are channeled through the Treasurer.


The quorum shall be seven (7) active members present to constitute a quorum. An active BSU member is one who attends regular scheduled meetings, exercises his/her voting rights and privileges; be responsible for paying dues and show interest, commitment and loyalty to the organization.


Committees are appointed by the President and the Executive Board and/or elected by the BSU members. All committees are distinguished by their powers and duties which are outlined by the committee.

Parliamentary Procedures

The Black Student Union shall determine its rules and proceedings. The recorded minutes of organized procedures and policies shall stand as precedent policy. The parliamentary authority of BSU shall be Robert's Rules of Order.