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Help improve your child's reading skills with individualized  reading instruction provided by USI teacher candidates enrolled in a Diagnostic Teaching of Reading course and under the supervision of a reading specialist instructor. USI teacher candidates will work with one student each for 12 weeks to provide reading instruction that matches your child's needs. Emphasis will be placed on informal assessments for instructional value and the components of reading on which Indiana children are tested. This course is designed to assist students reading at or below their current grade level. Each student will be in a separate room with two USI teacher candidates, one as a tutor and one as an observer.

Sessions will last approximately 40 minutes, and guardians are encouraged to be present in the room during the session. Children in the same household should sign up separately to maintain a one-to-one learning environment. Spaces are limited; therefore, enrollment is open to NEW students only at this time, and a commitment to attend all sessions is expected. Returning participants may be placed on a waiting list, if interested, by emailing