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Formally Apply for Graduation

Some students confuse graduation with the University’s Commencement ceremony, and it is an easy mistake to make. Graduation refers to successfully completing all requirements of your degree program and having your degree conferred. Commencement is the voluntary celebration for students to share their academic accomplishments with family and friends. You will not receive a diploma at the commencement ceremony, but you will receive a diploma cover. Confirmation of degree completion will take place once all official grades are posted.

Meeting graduation requirements and formally applying for graduation is each student's responsibility. The graduation application serves as the only notification of intent to complete degree requirements; therefore, degrees are awarded only to those students who have submitted an application and are eligible for graduation.

Candidates for graduation must Apply to Graduate via myUSI: click on the 'Student' tab, then click on 'Student Records', and then 'Apply to Graduate'


If degree requirements will be completed in a spring or summer term, students will participate in the spring commencement ceremony. Submit forms by October 1 of the preceding fall term. 

If degree requirements will be completed in the fall term, students will participate in the fall commencement ceremony. Submit forms by March 1 of the preceding spring term.

Timely submission of the Formal Application for Graduation help ensure that degree candidates are included in commencement mailings and the commencement program, will be considered for commencement honors, and will have a diploma ordered.

If you missed your deadline, contact the department of your major immediately; they will give you instructions.

The names of graduates submitting formal applications after the deadline may not appear in printed program.


 Log into myUSI

  1. Click Student > Student Records > Apply to Graduate
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to select your curriculum, name to appear on the diploma, mailing address etc.

If you are unable to login to myUSI, you will want to contact the IT Help Desk at 812-465-1080.  


I applied to graduate; now how do I change the information I entered?

You may view the information you entered by following the steps below:

    1. Log into myUSI
    2. Click Student > Student Records > View your Graduation Application Status
    3. If changes are needed, email for instructions.

When I log in, I see the wrong term.

There are two places during the application in which you are required to select a term. The first one is the Curriculum Selection, which instructs you to select your most recent registration term, not your graduation term (see the example below). This is used to verify that any majors/minors are correct. The next page will ask for the graduation term.

I keep receiving emails about graduation, but I am not ready to graduate, what should I do?

The emails are just a courtesy reminder. The Registrar’s Office is not able to determine when students plan to graduate. There are a wide variety of program lengths offered, and students take a range of course loads (full-time vs part-time). We don’t want anyone to miss the deadline, so we notify any student who could conceivably reach the required earned hours by the end of summer.  If you do not plan to graduate, disregard the email reminders; no further action is needed.

When I applied to graduate, I indicated that I would attend the commencement ceremony. Is this all I need to do?

The "Attend Ceremony" question on the Apply to Graduate form is simply an initial indication of your intent, and it is not a final commitment.  Students will need to submit a commencement RSVP at a later time. When it’s time to make a reservation, students will receive an email with a student-specific link used to RSVP to attend the ceremony.

After I applied to graduate, I got married/divorced. Will the name on my diploma automatically be updated?

To update your name in the USI database (including transcripts), you must complete a Change of Legal Name form and submit a copy of your Social Security card bearing the new name. To update your name on your diploma, contact the Registrar’s Office or the department of your major for instructions on how to submit a request to revise your diploma name.

When and how will I receive my diploma?

The graduation checkout process is started after grades are official at the end of the term and continues for multiple weeks before all degrees are officially awarded. Diplomas are typically available about two months after the end of the term in which degree requirements are completed. When it becomes available, your diploma will automatically be mailed to the address you provided when you applied to graduate.