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Solarpalooza is a once in a lifetime event, and we hope you’ll join us for this exciting experience. We’ve put together an FAQ about Solarpalooza and what to expect leading up to and on April 8. This FAQ will be updated as new information becomes available. 

What should I expect when I arrive on campus?  

When you arrive on campus, volunteers will direct you to parking areas. Please see the question about parking to determine where your group should park. Expect a bit of a walk from parking areas to the designated event spaces. Volunteers will be available to shuttle those with ADA needs. Please reserve shuttles for those who need assistance. Once parked, make your way to any the 10 information tents (open at 9 a.m.) around campus to pick up eclipse glasses (while supplies last), maps and other event information. (see Event Map). Visit the Solarpalooza Events page for a full lineup of activities. We are expecting a large number of visitors. Please be patient, plan ahead and follow event staff instructions to ensure an enjoyable event. 

When do Solarpalooza events begin? 

Events kick off at 7 p.m. Sunday evening, April 7, with our special guest Astronaut Joan Higginbotham speaking on "Breaking Barriers: An Astronaut's Inspiring & Winding Road to Space." Monday events start as early as 8 a.m. for our College of Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Eclipse, with a full lineup of fun and educational opportunities throughout the day. Information tents open at 9 a.m. to check in, receive glasses and maps and brochures. Please plan to arrive early to avoid delays due to traffic and parking.  

Are there any special events for students considering USI for their education?  

Yes! Undergraduate Admissions will be hosting a special Solarpalooza Campus Visit open house on this day for prospective students. Please contact Undergraduate Admissions at  812-464-1765 for any questions or additional information.  

How many visitors is USI expecting on campus April 8?   

The path of totality covers a significant amount of the state of Indiana. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security estimates the state will have between 145,000 to 581,000 total visitors. Explore Evansville expects as many as 80,000 visitors. Although we don’t know exactly how many visitors will be on the USI campus the day of the eclipse, the University is prepared to welcome thousands.  

What will campus traffic look like on the day of the event?   

Be prepared for very busy roadways and delayed travel times. We suggest arriving on campus early if you plan to attend Solarpalooza events. At 10 a.m., the traffic pattern on campus will change to one way, moving counterclockwise around Bent Twig Lane and University Boulevard. Volunteers will direct parking that day to ensure lots are filled in an orderly fashion (see the Solarpalooza Event Map). Traffic will remain one way until after the event, and the campus has been cleared of guests. We also anticipate long delays as eclipse viewers around the region make their way home. Please be patient, have a full tank of gas and plan for delays. Volunteers will assist guests with an orderly departure from campus. 

Where will I park on campus?  

You will be directed to parking in Lots D, E, F, G and H by volunteers on April 8. Volunteers will assist with filling lots in an orderly fashion and will be available to shuttle those with ADA needs. Parking along roadways or in non-designated areas are strictly prohibited. Busses will be directed to park in Lots K and L. School groups and parents with young children will be directed to park in Lot P. Lot I is reserved for Emergency vehicles. Please refer to the Solarpalooza Event Map. We are expecting a large number of guests for the event. Please consider carpooling if you are able.  

Is there a map for the event?   

Yes, you can access the Event Map on the Solarpalooza website. Printed maps will also be available at information tents on the day of the event. Information tents open at 9 a.m.  

Will Solarpalooza T-shirts be available?   

Event T-shirts will be available for purchase at the USI Campus Store while supplies last. The Campus Store is located in University Center West at the heart of campus. You may also order online at the Campus Store Website (Youth Sizes | Adult Sizes).

Will eclipse glasses be available?  

Yes, eclipse glasses will be provided to the first 10,000 attendees (first come, first served) at the information tents around campus beginning at 9 a.m. (see Event Map).  

Where will I get food and drinks?  

We are hosting a Food Truck Festival from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on The Quad (see Event Map). All of our normal dining locations plan to be open the day of the event as well. Check the Sodexo What’s Open Now page for a full list of offerings on the day of the event. Water filling stations are located in most campus buildings and will be available during the event.  

Is registration or a ticket required to attend Solarpalooza?  

While tickets are not required to attend the day's events, visitors are highly encouraged to sign up online. This allows us to plan for the day's events and have accommodations for all. We will also be sending our regular updates, additions and changes for the event as they become available. By registering, you’ll stay up to date with the latest information and be prepared for a safe and fun event on April 8. All Solarpalooza events and activities are free of charge and open to the public. 

Are campus buildings open to the public during the event?  

Yes, buildings will be open to the public, however visitors are asked to limit travel to public foyer, lobby and lounge areas of buildings. Most buildings include access to restrooms and water-filling stations. Additional outdoor restroom facilities will be available the day of the event as well.  

Are there any prohibited items during the event?  

No weapons or firearms are permitted on the University property. Solarpalooza is a family-friendly event and possession and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the event. USI is also a tobacco and vapor free campus. The USI campus has a Drone (Unmanned Aircraft) Use Policy and drone operation during this event is strictly prohibited. Pop-up canopies and tents are prohibited.

What if it is cloudy or there is severe weather?   

The University has contingency plans to host activities inside in the event of weather, including NASA's live satellite feed of the eclipse. As the event nears, more information will be communicated about any alternate arrangements. Please sign up online to receive the latest news and updates about Solarpalooza. In the event of severe weather, follow signage, volunteers and safety personnel to the nearest shelter in place location.  

Is there a way to take part in the day’s events if I can’t make it to campus? 

Yes! Experience the rare total solar eclipse with USI as we broadcast live from the campus between 12:30 and 2:15 p.m., Monday, April 8. The broadcast, emceed by students from the College of Liberal Arts' Radio and Television Program, will feature special guest appearances and educational segments along with a direct feed from our telescopes tracking the total solar eclipse. 

Is there anything I can do to help make Solarpalooza a success? 

Please share the official USI Solarpalooza page with family and friends and on your social media accounts. Encourage all to sign up online to receive regular updates on the event. Check out our Educational Resources page which includes lots of great information for families and educators.    

If you have additional questions about the April 7-8 Solarpalooza event, email them to