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Solarpalooza Screagle Showcase: Educational Experience Fair

The Screagle Showcase: Educational Experience Fair offers an immersive showcase of various academic departments at USI. Through hands-on activities, engaging demonstrations, and interactive learning opportunities, attendees can delve into the diverse realms of knowledge represented by the University. From science and technology to health, humanities and arts, each department offers a unique perspective, fostering curiosity and exploration among visitors. Whether experimenting with cutting-edge technology or making crafts, the fair provides a dynamic platform for experiential learning and discovery.

Below is a preview of our booths, activities and exhibits.

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Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education  College of Liberal Arts  College of Nursing and Health Professions  Romain College of Business  Workshops by Teacher Education Department

Engage with USI
Alumni Engagement and Volunteer USI invites you to stop by and learn about the many opportunities to connect with USI through alumni social events or volunteering opportunities. USI stickers, cups and snacks while supplies last. 

Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education

Exploring Native and Invasive Plants at USI 
Take a learning walk with our our expert faculty and students! They'll discuss the native species seen on the walk, invasive plants found along the trail and why they are harmful, and how you can grow native species yourself at home. Students will also share the importance of dark skies to increasing pollinators. 


Archie with eclipse glassesHow do my Eclipse Glasses Work? 
In this eye-opening activity, participants will utilize ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy to analyze the properties of solar eclipse glasses, exploring how they effectively safeguard the eyes from harmful UV solar radiation. By examining the glasses' spectroscopic transmission characteristics, individuals will gain insight into the specific wavelengths blocked by the glasses, ensuring a deeper understanding of their protective mechanisms. 

Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Bridge Engineering Exploration and Construction Showcase 
Organized by USI Engineers In Action (EIA) students, this hands on activity focuses on constructing model bridges utilizing PACO bridge kits. Participants will enhance their structures by incorporating sensors to measure various forces acting on them. Through load testing, they will analyze and determine the forces within different bridge components. EIA will also share videos and photos from international bridge projects students and faculty have led and been involved with, and will display a large-scale suspension bridge the team constructed. 


Solar Splash 
Join USI's 3rd place winners of the International Solar Splash competition with their award-winning solar-powered racing boat. Students will lead guests through an overview of how the systems of the boat operate, the integration of the solar panels for powering the vessel and the design changes for this coming year’s competition. Visitors will be able to ask questions about the boat, watch a video of the boat in action and leave with a solar splash giveaway. 


Solar Oven Cooking  
Like s’mores? Come make your very own solar oven with the Society of Women Engineers so you can make s’mores at home with the power of the sun. Visitors will work with USI engineering students on the projects and will get to take their ovens home. Ingredients for s’mores will be provided. 


USI Baja Car 
Start your engines! USI's Baja Car, an off-road car designed and built by a group of students in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), will be on display. Several students from the USI Baja Car team will show off parts they have made and share video footage from Baja competitions.  


Nasa logoMoon Rocks 
Examine real Moon rocks collected by Apollo astronauts under a microscope as you delve into lunar geology. Gain insight into NASA's Artemis missions and the goals of a return to the Moon. 

Geology, Physics and Environmental Science  

Scientific Physics Equipment and Demonstrations 
USI Physics faculty will guide you through a hands-on and hair-raising experience with a Van de Graaff generator.  Have your camera ready to commemorate your lesson in electrostatics! 

Geology, Physics and Environmental Science  

Exploring Lunar Gravity: A Hands-On Journey with the Anti-Gravity Treadmill
Engage in a faculty-led hands-on activity simulating the experience of walking on the moon using the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This specialized treadmill can simulate lunar gravity, reducing a person's body weight to approximately 20%, mirroring the moon's gravitational force of 16%. Participants will have the opportunity to spend approximately 5 minutes inside the treadmill, experiencing the reduced gravitational pull and gaining insights into the varying gravities of different planets. Through this experience, attendees will grasp the concept that while mass remains constant, it is gravitational pull that determines an object's "weight."

Kinesiology and Sport

Children's Solar Extravaganza 
Calling all children! Join USI's Teacher Education Department for an exciting educational extravaganza! Engage in a variety of fun activities, including creating images on solar activated paper, crafting planets with playdough, and participating in spelling exercises with homemade Moon rocks. Experience the sensation of bouncing like an astronaut with Moon shoes, and explore reading, coloring and chalk art stations. Plus, don't miss out on space-themed friendship bracelets, face painting and temporary tattoos for added cosmic fun! 

Teacher Education 

To the Moon! 
Come participate in a NASA engineering design challenge. This activity is targeted for upper elementary grades but families with children in the lower grades can easily participate as a team of engineers.
Located in the Screaming Eagles Complex, Room 259 from 9-11 a.m. (Space is limited)
For more information, or to RSVP, contact Jeff Thomas.

Teacher Education  

Family and Community Engagement through Momentous Events 
Join us as we facilitate a “town hall” discussion with participants about organizing and engaging their communities with significant natural events, such as the solar eclipse. Participants will leave with a call to action to improve family, community and K-12 engagement.
Located in the Education Center, Room 2117 from 9-10 a.m. (Space is limited)
For more information, or to RSVP, contact Jeff Thomas.

Teacher Education 

College of Liberal Arts

Fingerprinting activityInvestigative Fingerprinting Techniques  
Dive into the realm of forensic science and connect with the Criminal Justice Department at USI while uncovering the invisible to the naked eye, fitting perfectly into our larger eclipse theme for the day. Take part in an interactive fingerprinting experience where you'll discover the fascinating world of crime scene investigation! You’ll be guided through the process of collecting fingerprints using basic tools like black powder and processing brushes. This hands-on activity, featured in crime scene investigations seminars, requires minimal effort and time, allowing everyone to feel like a real CSI. Plus, you'll get to take home your lifted prints as a unique souvenir. 

Criminal Justice  

Interactive Civics Game 
Visit us for a dynamic faculty-led trivia game where participants engage in an exciting exploration of American government. Whether you're actively participating via your cell phone or simply shouting out answers, this interactive session promises an entertaining and educational experience.   

Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy  

Optical Illusions 
Get psyched! Experience an array of optical illusions, challenge your friends to brain-bending puzzles, and participate in other activities that explore the human brain and perception. 


Social Eclipse: A Collective Reflection on Awe and Connection  
Along with faculty and students from the Sociology club, participants are invited to contribute to our social selfie wall by uploading selfies via QR code. Upon approval, these selfies will be compiled into a collage alongside relevant social science quotes, creating a collective reflection on the solar eclipse as a social experience. In our shared human experience, we perceive the natural world through a social lens. Events like solar eclipses evoke a profound sense of awe, triggering emotions that transcend individual perspectives. This awe fosters a communal experience, diminishing self-focus and promoting a sense of interconnectedness and belonging among individuals. Join us as we explore the social dynamics surrounding this awe-inspiring phenomenon. 


Cyanotype Photography
Visit the USI Art and Design department booth to experience the creation of a cyanotype image, a pioneering method in the history of photography. Originating in 1842 through the ingenuity of Sir John Herschel in England, cyanotype represents the earliest form of color processing. The process is straightforward: place an object or a negative onto photosensitive paper, expose it to sunlight, then rinse and dry the resulting image. Participants can choose from a variety of pre-designed stencils to craft their cyanotypes. Following a brief ten-minute drying period, attendees can proudly depart with their personalized cyanotype creations. In addition to the booth at the Screagle Showcase, a print making station will be set up outside the Art Center on USI's Quad. This workshop is jointly facilitated by faculty and students. 

Art and Design

Romain College of Business

Sphero Spectacle: Rolling into the Future with Code 
Embark on an exhilarating adventure into the world of coding and robotics with our "Sphero Spectacle" demonstration activity! Join our computer science student clubs, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student chapter at USI and Girls Who Code, for a captivating showcase of the mesmerizing Sphero robots, where code, technology and play seamlessly collide. Our skilled Sphero experts (USI’s CS faculty and CS students) will guide you through a series of dynamic demonstrations, highlighting the robots' incredible capabilities in programming, precision and agility. Participate in hands-on sessions, where attendees can try their hand at programming Sphero robots using intuitive interfaces. "Sphero Spectacle" is an invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of programming, problem-solving and computational thinking in the world of computer science in a playful and intuitive way. Let the Sphero Spectacle inspire the budding computer scientist, coder or adventurer in you! 

Computer Science   

BiometrixExploring Eye-Tracking Tech at the Biometrix Discovery Lab 
The American Marketing Association (AMA) at USI is hosting an engaging Solarpalooza showcase where participants will get a hands-on look at eye-tracking technology in our Biometrix Discovery Lab. With the guidance of our engaged students and faculty, attendees will have the opportunity to experiment with eye-tracking glasses and see the technology in action. This session aims to provide insights into how biometric advancements are influencing various sectors. We will demonstrate the connection between technological innovations like eye-tracking and natural phenomena such as solar eclipses. This experience is designed to be both informative and immersive, linking astronomy, technology and the broad possibilities of scientific research. We invite you to join us at the Biometrix Discovery Lab for a journey of exploration and learning, where curiosity leads to discovery. 


Romain College of Business Wheel of Fortune
Spin the wheel to win a Romain College swag item while supplies last. Faculty and members of the Accounting & Professional Services Club and Beta Alpha Psi will be on hand to share their work in our wonderful business programs.


College of Nursing and Health Professions

Impact of Light 
The faculty of the USI Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting Programs invite you to experience the benefits of magnification loupes paired with an LED headlamp. Explore firsthand the enhanced clarity and precision these tools offer when examining teeth models and using a mirror to navigate inside the model mouth. This demonstration will illuminate the invaluable role of the LED headlamp for dental clinicians.  

Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting  

Exploring Ultrasound Examinations 
Gain insights from Diagnostic Medical Sonography faculty and students as they showcase the diverse applications of ultrasound examinations. Engage in this interactive session, offering you the opportunity to conduct examinations on a phantom patient under their guidance. 

Diagnostic Medical Sonography  

Go, Slow, Whoa Foods Game
In this activity, participants will categorize food models into three baskets: "Go" (anytime foods), "Slow" (sometimes foods), or "Whoa" (once in a while foods). Through this process, individuals will gain insight into making healthy food choices. 

Food and Nutrition  

Nasogastric Feeding Tube Insertions on a Simulation Mannequin 
Participants will engage in a brief demonstration and receive instructions on inserting a nasogastric (NG) tube into a simulation mannequin. They will have the opportunity to actively participate by performing the insertion themselves. Through this hands-on experience, participants will gain insight into the clinical responsibilities of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 

Food and Nutrition 

Minka HouseAdapting for Health and Aging, with tours of the Minka House 
Come visit the USI Health Services table for information on academic programs, free swag and numerous interactive activities related to health services and aging! Experience firsthand the latest innovative adaptive devices while testing out our arthritis and tremors simulators, gaining insights into cutting-edge advancements aimed at assisting individuals with physical disabilities. Afterwards, take a trip to the Minka, a tiny home on campus with integrated smart technology, for a tour or to play yard games and have snacks!  

Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) 

Immersive Exploration: Interacting with Mobile X-Ray Technology in Simulated Patient Scenarios 
Join us for an engaging faculty-led experience where visitors can interact with a mobile x-ray unit within a simulated patient scenario. Through hands-on exploration, participants will maneuver the unit around a patient cart and utilize the touch screen interface to manipulate the visual aspects of x-rays. By actively engaging with the equipment, attendees will gain valuable insights into the intricate roles and duties of radiologic technologists in both image acquisition and patient care. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of the pivotal role these professionals play in our healthcare system.  

Radiologic and Imaging Sciences  

Discovering Respiratory Therapy: Hands-on Activities and Lung Health Education 
Visitors will have the chance to engage in hands-on activities with Respiratory Therapy faculty and students designed to educate them about the role and responsibilities of a respiratory therapist. Additionally, they will see a visual demonstration illustrating the impact of smoking on the lungs. 

Respiratory Therapy