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The University of Southern Indiana (USI) is able to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the following, approved trainings offered through Indiana SPARK Learning Lab. CEUs are awarded at the rate of 0.1 CEU for each contact hour. A program of 90 contact minutes carries 0.15 CEUs.

If you do not see a training listed, it has not been approved for CEUs.

Before proceeding, be sure you have downloaded a PDF of your Indiana Learning Paths (ILP) Certificate of Completion for each training for which CEUs will be requested. The PDF of the Certificate must be uploaded through the above web form.

If you need help with your ILP Certificate of Completion, contact the SPARK Help Desk at 1-800-299-1627 or use the chat feature at 

Once the Certificate of Completion has been received, USI Outreach and Engagement staff will send an email containing the link to self-register and pay in our system, CampusCE. CEUs for trainings up to 60 minutes in length cost $15; CEUs for trainings 61 or more minutes in length cost $30. After payment is processed, you will receive an email notification that your CEU certificate is available for download from USI's CampusCE site.

You will complete the form at the top of this page for each CEU request you make, one per course, providing the PDF of the Certificate of Completion each time. A copy of each request will be sent to the email you provide. 

USI Outreach and Engagement staff will be in contact within 10 business days with next steps. Should you have questions, contact Mr. Bill Groves ( or 812-465-1117).

SPARK Trainings for Which USI CEUs Can be Awarded (as of 9/2023)

SPK 101: SPARK! Establishing Routines for Infants and Toddlers that Promote Health and Safety Online

SPK 102: SPARK! Financial Health: Financial Goals and Cost Benefit Analysis Online

SPK 103: SPARK! Financial Health: Elements of Budgeting Online

SPK 104: SPARK! Managing Challenging Behavior in Child Care Settings Online

SPK 105: SPARK! Setting the Stage for Positive Behavior in School-Age Settings Online

SPK 106: SPARK! Helping School-Age Children Express Their Feelings Online

SPK 107: SPARK! Authentic Assessment in Early Childhood Settings Online

SPK 108: SPARK! Building Routines to Meet the Needs of Infants and Toddlers Online

SPK 109: SPARK! Reframing and Responding to Behaviors that Challenge You-Part 1 Online

SPK 110: SPARK! Reframing and Responding to Behaviors that Challenge You-Part 2 Online

SPK 201: SPARK! Identifying Developmental Red Flags (Online)

SPK 202: SPARK! Enhancing Your Outdoor Learning Environment (Online)

SPK 203: SPARK! Creating Inclusive Learning Environments (Online)

SPK 204: SPARK! Learning Environments for Early Childhood (Online)

SPK 205: SPARK! Spaces That Nurture: Learning Environments for Infants and Toddlers (Online)

SPK 206: SPARK! Implementing a Quality Curriculum (Online)

SPK 207: SPARK! Creating a Positive Work Environment (Online)

SPK 208: SPARK! Professional Networking for Maximum Program Potential (Online)

SPK 209: SPARK! Managing Challenging Behaviors that Escalate (Online)

SPK 210: SPARK! Understanding Your Role with Specialized Services (Online)

SPK 211: SPARK! Financial Health: Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business (Online)

SPK 212: SPARK! Little Connections: Building Relationships to Support Infant and Toddler Learning (Online)

SPK 213: SPARK! Strategies for Recruiting Quality Staff (Online)