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Basic Orientation Plus™ Program Offerings

The Tri-State Industrial Safety Council (TSISC) is a member of the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC).  ARSC’s mission is to provide comprehensive occupational safety and health training, resources, and support, that are consistent, reciprocal and that conform to U.S. regulatory standards and industry best practices that will contribute to lower incident rates, and reduced costs. This consistent industry training keeps workers, communities, and our natural environment safe, healthy, and running efficiently.

The TSISC, in partnership with USI Outreach and Engagement, offers the Basic Orientation Plus™ training programs. Basic Orientation Plus meets most of the OSHA-mandated contractor requirements. As a result, the contract employee spends less time at the council on an annual basis and more time on the job. This increases safety training efficiency for the contract employee due to a reduction in redundant information being presented.

Class size is limited. Participants must register and pay for their course by 10 a.m. one business day prior to the class session

The registration fee is $120 for Basic Orientation Plus and $90 for the Refresher course.  No Refunds for No Shows.

Contact us: 812-464-1989